‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Seeing Red’

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The Flash Preview ‘Seeing Red’

Cicada is back in town and has resumed his meta-killing spree. Team Flash will do everything in their power to protect the metahumans in Central City and gather them together at a safe house. However, during an encounter with Cicada, Nora is severely wounded. Because of Cicada’s dampening abilities, Nora’s healing isn’t working correctly and she is bed-ridden. To make matters worse, she suffers a spinal injury and can’t move her legs. Her speed is incredibly important to her, so it will be interesting to see how she deals with not being able to move. I can see there possibly being some good bonding moments between her and Barry as he recalls the times he’s been without his speed.

The gathered metahumans won’t go down without a fight and one of them suggests that they kill Cicada. It is a “kill or be killed” situation. I think that this meta might have powers similar to Prism, who was featured in the first ever crossover episode between Arrow and The Flash. Prism could heighten a person’s emotions and turned Barry and Oliver against each other. This meta’s abilities could be why Barry is going to take things a bit too far in his fight against Cicada. He will be fueled by the attack on Nora. In this year’s crossover, Barry and Oliver were forced to switch roles, forcing Barry to accept some of the darkness within himself to become the Green Arrow. He promised Iris that he would never become that person. He would never succumb to the darkness. This week, he will be put to the test.