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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Flash and the Furious’

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The Flash Recap ‘The Flash and the Furious’

The Flash is back from the winter hiatus, throwing us right back into where we left off with Nora traveling back to the future to visit Eobard Thawne, who is wearing Harrison Wells’ face. From their interaction, we learn that Nora didn’t really have any idea what Thawne had done to her father. She confronts him about her grandmother’s death and his reasoning for doing it. Thawne says he wanted to be just like the Flash, much like she does. He reminds her that it’s because of him that she learned how to time travel and could run alongside her father. Nora has had enough of Thawne and leaves, saying she won’t ever return again.

In the present, Joss, aka Weather Witch, is on trial for her crimes, and this marks the first time Cecile will be back in the courtroom following maternity leave. She is a bit nervous, but Barry and Nora are there. During the trial, Cecile starts feeling the intense remorse within Joss. Cecile then decides to help the girl out a bit and not push for the full sentence. A new villain appears in Central City and she has the ability to control any vehicle due to the dark matter in a remote. When Barry and Nora try to stop her, the dark matter coming off of the car causes Barry to lose control of his phasing. To counteract this, Barry spends the whole episode locked in the pipeline. The woman, Silver Ghost, then breaks Joss free, wanting her help in infiltrating Argus. Joss has other plans however, and tries to turn herself back into XS. Nora, however, doesn’t believe that Joss has really changed and turns her into the police herself, saying that she caught her in the act. Silver Ghost is looking out for Joss, though, and breaks her out of prison for the second time.

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Iris has noticed this change in her daughter and talks with her about how some people are deserving of a second change. Barry is the king of second changes. Nora than talks to Barry, who tells her how Captain Cold went from villain to Legend. Some people just need another person to believe in them. Nora takes their words to heart and when the two “metas” strike again, she calls out to Joss, asking her to do the right thing. Joss ends up freezing the road, stopping their speeding vehicle, and the two are taken into custody Unfortunately, Nora takes that lesson a little bit further and goes back to Thawne, saying she thinks he is also deserving of a second change. She asks what he needs her to do.

The rest of Team Flash are working on their own issues this week. Sherloque is busy investigating the Speed Force language used by both Barry and Nora. At the end of the episode, he enters the time vault and tries to access files relating to Nora. He learns that Nora had every file deleted. He’s drawing closer to the truth, and things are not going to go well once it all comes out. Meanwhile, Caitlin performs surgery on Cisco’s hands again, removing all the shards left by the dark matter from Cicada’s boomerang. When Cisco runs tests on the shards, he realizes that they weren’t just dampening his powers, they were actually removing them. He thinks that he can synthesize a cure for metahumans using this information. Caitlin is against this idea, which surprises Cisco. When Caitlin first became Killer Frost, she would’ve liked nothing more than to get rid of her powers. Now, Caitlin has embraced that side of her and really missed her alter-ego when she was trapped away. In the end, Caitlin agrees to help Cisco create a cure, but as long as he will never force it upon anyone. They will create a choice. Cisco agrees.

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This is a good start to the back half of the season and I’m interested to see where things go with this cure and Thawne’s ultimate plan. He is a master manipulator, so all of their conversations are probably geared toward what Nora needs to hear. She is back in his fold and there is a time limit for their plan. Is Thawne about to face an execution? Or be administered a meta-cure? Unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Seeing Red.’