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Man Creates Coaster in ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon 2’ Which Takes 12 Years (Real Time) To Complete

The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)
The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)

That’s it folks – we’ve reached the pinnacle of human creation. A man – no, a genius – has created a roller coaster in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 that takes 12 years to complete. Yes, you read that correctly; 12 years (in real-time)!

Marcel Vos, who had previously built a roller coaster that took 232 days to complete, decided he needed to up his previous record in a big way. The new coaster, which takes upwards of 82,147 in game years to complete a ride through, is basically an expanded version of Vos’s previous record-breaking coaster which only advances by tiny increments every time one cart completes the whole 232 day track.

If this is all confusing, that’s OK – Vos has taken the time to explain the logistics in a YouTube video, aptly titled 12 Years of Suffering, on his YouTube channel.

The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)
The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)

Vos is active in the comments section of the video, discussing various ways to possibly increase the length of the ride (as if more torture is needed for the poor Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 patrons), but so far seems to have hit a roadblock. Despite some interesting ideas, he has refuted all of them stating the various ways they would not work but lamenting that he wishes some would.

Excited patrons will live and die while waiting for the ride. Families will go on to lead long, successful lives all while one of their children is forever trapped in a cart – only to reach the end of the ride long since expired. While it may be 12 years in our time – in the game’s time is it well over 82,000. Whole cities have been constructed and destroyed in less time! But hey, any cart that makes it through is just a testament to the construction worker who built the track 82,000 years prior.

One commenter on the website jokes:

Twins separated at birth

Twin 1: What have you been up to?

Twin 2: I graduated middle school, high school, went to college, got bachelor’s and master’s degree. What about you?

Twin 1: I moved from Block Brake #1 to Block Brake #30.

I think it’s safe to say that Marcel Vos’s record will be safe for the time being as I’d doubt even he would want to attempt to construct something even more manically evil. But by watching his video you could always attempt to recreate the coaster yourself!

The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)
The coaster in action (taken from the YouTube video)

Special thanks to Polygon who first reported on this insane feat of roller-coaster construction. View their original article here.

Would you ride a rollercoaster that lasts for 12 years? Of course you wouldn’t, but still – tell us your thoughts on this insane feat of construction in the comments below!