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Jesse L. Martin Set to Return to ‘The Flash’ Following Summer Injury

The CW

Jesse L. Martin Set to Return to The Flash Following Summer Injury

Fans of The Flash might have noticed that a staple character has been absent the past couple of weeks, and now we know why. Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West, suffered an injury over the summer and has been on medical leave, but is now back on set and filming , reports TV Guide. The episodes that Martin did manage to film before taking leave feature Joe either leaning on something or sitting down. He hasn’t been seen since the season’s fourth episode.

Don’t worry, Joe’s absence will be explained, says showrunner Todd Helbing. “We’ll explain sort of why Joe West was gone for as long as he was, and we’ll try not to put him into any more scenarios where he injures his back.” It’s been thought that Joe might have just been busy taking care of his newborn daughter, Jenna, but maybe Joe has been looking into some mysteries of his own.

Barry and Iris are going to need Joe’s advice as we enter the back half of the season as things are about to get more complicated following the reveal that Reverse-Flash is behind Nora’s time-travel decision. And as the Cicada arc nears its conclusion, Barry will have to face some of his pent-up darkness. Joe has always been a source of wisdom to all of Team Flash, so it will be great to have that voice back.