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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘The Flash and the Furious’

The CW

The Flash Preview ‘The Flash and the Furious’

Barry will have his hands full as The Flash returns from the winter hiatus as Cicada continues his killing spree. While trying to stop him, Nora is injured, which causes her to lose feeling in her legs. In the trailer, Barry is warned not to lose control of himself and become like Cicada. Barry’s darkness was touched upon during the crossover event, ‘Elseworlds,’ as he had to embrace the Green Arrow persona. He promised Iris that he wouldn’t let those dark feelings consume him, but Nora being hurt might put him in a position to let it in. Barry has always managed to find a way to stop the villains in his life without killing them, so will he stay true to his word and not exact his revenge upon Cicada?

Then there is the mystery surround Reverse-Flash in the future. Was he perhaps pulling the strings to get Barry to this point of darkness? He’s obviously orchestrating something big using Nora, and I can’t wait to find out what that is going to turn into as we start the back half of the season. I’m a bit ready for the Cicada arc to conclude, and I think we might see that this week. Whatever is going on, it’s looking bad for Team Flash. How will Barry react to the return of his arch-rival, especially when it comes at the hands of his own daughter?