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‘Outlander’ Preview: 5 Moments We Wouldn’t Have Had, “If Not For Hope”

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The Fraser clan has been split in half and we’re not likely to get a reunion anytime soon. Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian are on the road in search of Roger, while Lizzie, Bree, and Murtagh are on their way to River Run. Despite the pain that everyone is experiencing right now, there is still hope that everything will work out for the best. Before Sunday rolls around, let’s take a look at 5 moments that we wouldn’t have had, “If Not For Hope.”

  1. Jamie and Claire’s reunion. Back in Season 3, it seemed like Jamie and Claire would never be reunited. Everything stood in their way, and Claire believed that Jamie was dead. But Jamie never lost hope that he would see Claire again one day, and it paid off. She came back through the stones to him, and our favorite couple was a couple once again. Their relationship is currently strained, so we’re hoping the strength of their love for each other can overcome this too.
  2. Fergus. It’s impossible to cover all of our favorite Fergus moments in one preview, but there’s little question that we wouldn’t have had any of them without his hope for a better life. It was Jamie and Claire who took him in and showed him what being part of a family is like. We’re not ashamed to admit that we cried at the wedding scene when Jamie officially gave Fergus the Fraser name. Now Fergus is all grown up and a husband and father himself, living a life that is far more than he could have ever hoped for as a child on the streets of Paris.
  3. Young Ian’s rescue. It’s another season 3 moment, but it’s driven almost everything that Young Ian has done in season 4, so we’re including it here. Jamie and Claire crossed an ocean to save their nephew, never giving up hope that they would find him alive. Despite the trauma he endured during his capture and imprisonment, Ian remains the most optimistic of the entire clan. Even now, he is driven by his desire to bring happiness back to his cousin and to make amends for what he did to Roger.
  4. Jamie & Murtagh’s reunion. A moment that was nearly 20 years in the making, Jamie encountering Murtagh at the forge in Cross Creek is easily one of our favorite moments of the season so far. The last time Jamie had seen his godfather, Murtagh had been bound in chains and bound for the Americas as an indentured servant. Current events have them split apart again, but Jamie has hope and faith in Murtagh’s ability to complete his mission and bring Bonnet to Jamie.
  5. Jamie and Brianna’s meeting. This is our favorite scene of the season so far. Sure, Jamie mistook his daughter for a whore at first, but in his defense that was a far more probable situation than his daughter suddenly showing up 200 years in the past. Jamie had always hoped to meet his daughter one day, and Bree hoped to meet her biological father from the moment she learned about him. To see that moment finally happen was, to us, the epitome of the power of hope.

Episode 411, “If Not For Hope,” airs Sunday, January 13th at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can also watch on and the Starz mobile app. Be sure to check back here to for a full episode recap, as well as future episode previews.