Happy Birthday, Lauren Cohan and Maggie’s Greatest Moments!

The Walking Dead - TWD - Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Gallery- Photo Credit: Victoria Will/AMC

We have another January birthday to celebrate. Today, Lauren Cohan turns 37!

Born on January 7, 1982, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the model and actress has appeared in numerous television and film roles including roles in The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Chuck, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, Young Alexander the Great, The Boy, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, All Eyez on Me, and Mile 22.

Of course, we know her best as Maggie Rhee on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Lauren has been on the series since the second season. As of the show’s ninth mid-season finale, the whereabouts of Maggie is unknown. It is rumored that Maggie took baby Hershel with her to Georgie’s community but that remains to be seen. What we do know is that she will be starring in a new role as Frankie Trowbridge on ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier alongside TWD alum Tyler James Williams and Scott Foley premiering late February 2019.

Now let’s celebrate Lauren’s Birthday by re-living some of Maggie’s bada** moments and why we love her so much!

Maggie riding into season 2 like…


While the group searches for a missing Sophia, Carl stays behind with Rick and Shane. They see a deer and as Carl approaches it, he is accidentally shot by Otis who was out hunting. To save Carl’s life, Rick carries him to the Greene farm where Hershel, a veterinarian, his two daughters, Maggie and Beth, Beth’s boyfriend Jimmy, and Patricia and Otis are staying. Rick tells Maggie that he has to tell his wife because she doesn’t know what has happened. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is heading back towards the highway. Andrea is attacked by a walker and Maggie rides in saving her. She tells Lori what has happened and takes her back to the farm.

Maggie’s Motivational Speeches


Maggie gives two inspiring speeches. Both are after the attack by the Saviors on Alexandria. The first is at the end of season 7. Rick tells her that Sasha’s and her decisions gave them a chance. She tells Rick that the decision was made a long time ago when Glenn decided to help him when Rick was trapped in the tank in Atlanta and how that decision started it all. She was just following his lead.


The second comes at the beginning of season 8. The communities have joined forces to fight the Saviors with a little help from Dwight’s intel. Before they head out, Rick, The King, and The Widow give speeches to motivate the crowd.

Killing Riot Gear Walker


After finding the prison in season 3, the group begins to clear the yard of walkers. The majority of them are inmates, some civilians, and some are prison guards. As walkers come out from inside the prison, they find that they are harder to kill due to the heavy riot gear they are wearing. After pushing a walker away, Maggie proceeds to stab him from underneath the riot gear helmet, putting the walker down successfully.

Maggie saves Hilltop


After Glenn’s death, Maggie decides to stay, along with Sahsa, at the Hilltop to be closer to Dr. Carson in case anything should happen during her pregnancy. Gregory is against her decision. Late one night, The Saviors decide to send the Hilltop a message by breaking open the gates and placing an armored car in the center of the colony with music blaring, attracting walkers. While Sahsa and Jesus take on the Walkers, Maggie uses a tractor to smash the car, disabling the radio, and saving Hilltop.

Killing Bus Walkers

After the Governor’s attack on the prison, the groups run in different directions. Maggie is desperate to find Glenn. The last she saw of him was when she left him on the bus when she runs back to find Beth. Still weak from the prison illness, Glenn manages to get back into the prison, unbeknownst to Maggie who still believes he’s on the bus. Along with Bob and Sasha, she finds the bus stopped on the side of the highway. They approach slowly and find it to be overrun with walkers inside. Fearing Glenn is one of them, they release the walkers and the rest is pure bada**ery.

Killing Saviors


Since the end of Season 6, the group has been killing Saviors left and right but there are a couple that stand-out. The first being in the sixth season when Maggie and Carol are taken to the slaughterhouse by Paula and a few other Saviors. They wait for their moment and Carol manages to free herself and Maggie. Molly is attacked by a walker after realizing Maggie is gone. Maggie comes up behind her and kills her.


The second comes after Simon stops Maggie and her convoy headed for Alexandria. Negan is about to attack…again. Simon shoots the back seat passenger sitting in Maggie’s car. He tells her that they better head back to the Hilltop or he will kill Jerry who is seen on his knees and being held at gunpoint. Maggie agrees but asks Simon for the casket he has so she can bury the man he just killed. He agrees. When they return to the Hilltop, Maggie shoots one of the captured Saviors, places him in the casket and leaves it out for the Saviors to find.

Escaping Woodbury


Maggie and Glenn are taken to Woodbury by Merle. Glenn is beaten and tortured while Maggie is threatened for the location of the prison. She gives up the location hoping that it will save Glenn’s life. She is taken to Glenn, topless. Knowing that they will probably not make it out alive, they plan to fight back using the bones of a dead walker.

Gregory…need I say more?

I’m just going to leave these right here…


Wanting to Kill Negan


Maggie makes it to Alexandria with the intention of finally killing the man who killed Glenn. No, not Daryl! NEGAN! Michonne tries to stop her but realizes that she can’t and lets her in. Negan’s agenda is to taunt Maggie enough to make her want to kill him because he can’t kill himself. He wants to be with Lucille and is devastated when Michonne tells him that Lucille is out in the field somewhere. Maggie unlocks the cell door and yanks Negan up off the floor and hurls him against the wall. He cries for her to kill him and she decides not the give him the satisfaction.

Do you agree with our Maggie Moments? Did we forget some? Which ones would you add? Sound off in the comments below.

Once again, we would like to wish Lauren the happiest of birthdays!