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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Paintball Scattering”


Cheers! Sheldon and Amy published their Asymmetry paper. They cave and read the online comments and everyone is surprisingly positive. They get some pretty cool perks too, like eating in the super secret fancy cafeteria. President Siebert wants them, well, Amy to do the interview as Sheldon lacks people skills.


Denise and Stuart are still going strong, so strong that she asked him to move in with her. He flees.

Anu and Raj are getting ready for the wedding and he offers to install her doorbell camera. He unintentionally spies on her inviting a stranger in for dinner.


Leonard and Penny plan a big paintball game for Saturday. Everyone’s in! Penny and Denise are captains and things get a little awkward. Raj calls Anu out for what he thinks he saw. She was giving an ex back his things. Raj gets upset which causes Anu to rethink their wedding. Denise pummels Stuart with paintballs for not wanting to move in. She’s upset that he keeps fleeing instead of talking to her. Sheldon and Amy are fighting over the attention Amy is getting from their paper. He’s jealous that the university wants her to promote it publicly and not him.

Stuart confesses that things are going well and he doesn’t want to mess it up, so he gives her a key to Howard and Bernadette’s place.


This episode had so much going on that I think I got whiplash. That’s how you come back from a hiatus! I loved watching every minute, but episodes like this are a bit difficult to recap #TBH.  I’m so proud of ShAmy for their achievement and I’m also proud of Stuart for taking a big step like this. He deserves it and Denise so great, I love that she’s a part of the show. Overall, this episode was great.