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Fan Fest Reacts: Here’s What We Thought of the 2018 Arrowverse Crossover Event

Fan Fest Reacts: Here’s What We Thought of the 2018 Arrowverse Crossover Event

It’s been a week since the annual Arrowverse crossover event on The CW. We’ve given the three-night run some time to sit, and now we’re here to offer our thoughts on ‘Elseworlds.’ I’ve teamed up with fellow Arrowverse-junkie Jerrold to share our reaction to the event.

Supergirl/The CW


Every year the writers and producers of the CW’s DC-related television shows try to find a way to top themselves. This year, with their Elseworlds crossover, not only was the story the tonal opposite of the DCEU but the sort of rip-roaring adventure that we’ve needed. We’ve seen body swap plots throughout our favorite television shows. However, by incorporating other universes and bringing in The Monitor as the primary adversary, this crossover was a lighthearted three-night romp that set up an even bigger event for next year.
I think the only real gripe I had was the lack of Gotham City. After hyping up the first appearance of Batwoman, I expected more than just one of three episodes showcasing Gotham. Ruby Rose lit up the screen as Kate Kane, her goal to make Wayne Enterprises viable again. Her appearance only leads to more questions, though. Where is Bruce Wayne?  Where did he disappear to exactly?  Are there any other of the Bat-family lurking about?  While this particular writer is not a fan of the direction Gotham has taken over the course of time, I would be keen to see a Batwoman weekly serial.
Though – I think I want a Superman show now more than ever.  The real scene stealer was Tyler Hoechlin, evoking the spirit of Christopher Reeve in his portrayal of the Man of Steel. I haven’t had a grievance with Henry Cavill taking charge as Superman – he can’t help that the written material isn’t up to snuff.  Thankfully, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim created the Arrowverse to be a more bright shared universe that wasn’t fully grounded in reality.  Hoechlin’s Clark Kent reminds me much of the boyish charm Tom Welling brought to the role.  I want to see that on a weekly basis.  Though, at this rate, maybe the CW needs a new network that airs nothing but DC-related programming.  (I know we have a streaming service already, thank you for the reminder.)
Supergirl/The CW


I’m conflicted (don’t everyone yell at once). This was a solid three-episode event that had a whole lot of great moments, but I thought, overall, it didn’t stand up to some of the events of the past. Having said that, I’m interested to go back and rewatch “Elseworlds” after we get “Crisis on Infinite Earths” next year. I’m glad that we already have that announcement because the whole thing did feel like a set-up for something more, as opposed to previous years where it’s been rather one and done. I also agree with Jerrold that the inclusion of Gotham City and Batwoman was way over-hyped for what actually made it into the cut. What we did get of Batwoman was awesome. She totally kicked Barry and Oliver’s butts and had some amazing chemistry and moments with Kara. I am definitely interested in her own series and hope that that comes to fruition. Everything about her and Gotham felt right.

Having said all of that, what made the crossover for me is the Trio. They are so great together. The chemistry between Oliver, Barry, and Kara is infectious. It is always a highlight to have Oliver and Barry together, but when Kara is also there, it just really makes things special. The best moments for me was when the three of them were fighting side by side or ragging on each other for whatever reason. Add in the body-swapping and it lead to even more jokes and funny moments, which helped ease some of the more intense moments.

I was a bit apprehensive about Lois Lane, but, man, was Elizabeth Tulloch was fantastic. She and Tyler Hoechlin had an ease about them that sold the relationship between their characters and really made you believe that they have been together for ages. I loved her gung-ho attitude and humor. I laughed really hard when she yelled for Barry to kick Oliver’s butt because he’s a jerk. I’m not a super huge fan of Superman and all that lore, but Hoechlin and Tulloch helped change my mind with their take on the characters.

Supergirl/The CW

That’s it for the 2018 crossover event, but we definitely have next year to look forward to with “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” That a massive piece of DC lore, and we are definitely anticipating a game-changing event. So, until next year.

Supergirl/The CW

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