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Arrowverse Crossover Event Preview ‘Elseworlds’

Arrowverse Crossover Event Preview ‘Elseworlds’

It’s finally here!

Sunday kicks off the three-way crossover event between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl entitled ‘Elseworlds.’ This year is a bit special because we will have the first ever appearance of a live action Batwoman and the story will take our heroes to Gotham City. But how does all of this come about? Moniter is the crossover’s big bad and he has brought with him a book which can rewrite reality. He bestows this book upon Dr. John Deegan of Arkham Asylum. Deegan’s first act is to bend reality and cause a body swap for Barry and Oliver.

Oliver wakes up in bed with Iris in Central City and is now the Flash, while Barry finds himself as the Green Arrow. Oliver recognizes that something is wrong and seems to be the only one who realizes he isn’t who he is supposed to be. While trying to figure out why this happened, they travel to Earth-38 and ask Kara for help. Along the way, they meet Clark and Lois Lane, but Deegan continues to use the book to mess with their lives. Clark will eventually fall victim to this and appear as an evil version of Superman (which is bound to be a fantastic fight).

Every year, the team behind the Arrowverse go all out for the crossover event, and this year is no exception. It’s going to be a great three hours in which we’ll see things that we never thought we would, including Batwoman, Gotham City, the original 90s Flash suit, and probably much, much more. ‘Elseworlds’ kicks off Sunday with The Flash, continuing Monday night with Arrow, and concluding Tuesday night with Supergirl. You don’t want to miss it.