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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Stunted Childhood And A Can Of Fancy Mixed Nuts”


Paige is back and this time she’s hanging out with Missy. They plan a sleepover and Sheldon is less than thrilled. The girls have fun playing, having a picnic, reading fortunes and pulling pranks on Georgie. They tell scary stories in a blanket fort and keep Sheldon up all night.


Sheldon doesn’t approve of their fun and they call him an old man. Paige then brings up a study she read about people who have a stunted childhood and how they grow up to be social misfits. He begins to worry. Is Paige right?

Just in case, Sheldon decides to goof off and have some fun. He heads to the comic book store to pick up some jokes and adopts the phrase Bazinga! He tries really hard to prank people.


Meemaw and John are so sweet together. She’s dressing up for him and he’s going to learn to drive! Awww. And they said I love you to each other!


Ah, the origin of Bazinga! This episode was so cute. Meemaw and John said I love you, Paige is just a normal (albeit super smart) 10 year old and Sheldon lets loose. I can’t decide what part was my favorite.