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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘What’s Past is Prologue’

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The Flash Recap ‘What’s Past is Prologue’

In the 100th episode of The Flash, the team is trying to figure out how to stop Cicada now that they know his true identity. They can’t act unless they can figure out some way to render his dagger powerless. Cisco and Nora hit upon a crazy idea to create their own dark matter object that can do just that. In order to make it, Barry will have to travel to the past and collect a few items. First, he’ll need a part of Savitar’s suit. Second, the gun Zoom used to steal Barry’s speed. Third, with the shard of suit in the gun, he needs to infuse it with dark matter during the night of the particle accelerator explosion. It’s just crazy enough that it might work and Barry agrees to the plan, but is adamantly against Nora going with him. She says that he needs someone there to watch his back. Finally, he agrees and they make the trip together.

Their first stop is the night Savitar is defeated. They have to time it just right and get the shard into the Speed Force before it is erased from existence. Barry and Nora are standing by waiting for past Barry to phase Savitar out of his suit when a Time Wraith arrives to get Barry. He tells Nora to get the shard and meet him in the woods. Nora does just that, but sticks around long enough to see Savitar’s true face and Iris kill him. She and Barry run back to the night Barry lost his speed to Zoom, barely avoiding the Time Wraith’s clutches. When Barry goes to get the gun, it has been moved off the table. That’s when Harry enters, in a rage about the whole thing, and threatens to break the gun. Barry stops him (and Harry sees the Flash ring), then plants the idea that they can find Jesse by searching for the resonance pattern of people from Earth-2. Harry gives Barry the gun and walks out. Two down. He and Nora are about to leave when they are caught by Zoom. They speed away, but he’s fast. They jump into the Speed Force, and that’s when the Time Wraith intervenes, taking Zoom away. Barry and Nora emerge in the past and Barry accidentally breaks the gun. Barry thinks that everything is over now that it’s broken because no one can fix it. That’s when Nora suggests that they visit the original Harrison Wells. Without any other choice, they go to him.

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Wells isn’t too surprised by their visit, as he already has a future Barry tied to his chair. He asks why they’ve come this time and Nora says Cicada. Wells then examines Nora, asking who she is. Barry doesn’t want to give him any information, but Wells figures out that she is his daughter. He calls her Dawn, but Nora replies that it’s Nora. Wells then says probably the most chilling line in the history of the show: “At least you still have one.” Barry tells Wells that if he fixes the gun for them, he’ll get to go home. Wells already knows that that’s not true, but agrees to help anyway. Barry and Nora then go back to the final time they need, which is the night of the particle accelerator explosion. They access Gideon and upload the gun with the shard in it, asking the program to reroute some of the dark matter into the gun. While they wait, Nora is super fascinated with the Reverse-Flash suit. It’s revealed that she doesn’t know the full story behind Eobard, just that he was Barry’s greatest enemy. Barry explains that Eobard murdered his mother in hopes that Barry wouldn’t become the Flash. Nora didn’t know any of that. She then asks if that’s why Barry didn’t want her to come along. He didn’t want her to see all of the gritty details of his life. The particle accelerator goes off and the gun worked like a charm, infusing the shard with dark matter.

Back in the present, Team Flash goes to work. Barry hid the dark matter in a pillar of the hospital, where they decide the final showdown should happen. Cicada senses their presence outside when he is visiting Grace. Barry tells Cicada that all metahumans aren’t responsible for the death of Grace’s parents, but Cicada doesn’t care. He will kill every last one, then he will kill himself for being a meta as well. He attacks, but the dagger is drawn to the dark matter and temporarily rendered powerless. Cisco vibes it into outer space, and Team Flash things they’ve won. Cicada then lets out a howl that actually brings the dagger back to him, and it has its power again. Cicada is about to kill Barry when Caitlin rushes in and changes into Killer Frost. Because her powers aren’t from dark matter, she can stand against Cicada. The villain realizes this and flies away. They lost the battle, but are one step closer to taking down Cicada now that they know Killer Frost is the key.

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While all of this is happened, Sherloque has been investigating Nora’s journal. She is writing in it in funky symbols (the one’s Barry wrote during the Season 4 premier). Sherloque asks what they are and Nora says it’s a language she invented. She records everything she learns about her dad so that regardless of what happens to the timeline, she will always remember. The final scene of the episode reveals that there’s more to the journal than we thought. Nora goes into the time vault and has Gideon upload her most recent notes from the journal and send them to someone. Nora then decides that she will deliver a message to the recipient in person. She rushes to Iron Heights in the future where she confronts Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne. Nora has been in league with him all along, but never truly realized just how bad of a guy he is. If there’s one thing Wells was always good it, it was manipulating people with his words. What has Nora gotten herself into? This big reveal and all the questions associated will just have to wait until 2019 when The Flash returns after the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover and winter hiatus.