‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Hello No, Dolly!’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Hello No, Dolly!’

A new serial killer has appeared in New Orleans and it’s up to the Legends to find the killer before they strike again. Sara, Ava, Mick, and Ray infiltrate a party where the next victim is in attendance, while Zari, Charlie, and Constantine talk to the woman who eventually gets all the murders pinned on her. Constantine is kidnapped and taken to Priestess Laveau, conveniently enough, but it’s because of something that happens in the future. The priestess’ relative falls in love with Constantine and is dragged to hell because of it, thereby ending the Laveau line. Zari and Charlie come to Constantine’s rescue, and the three learn that the mystical being in New Orleans is a spirit that never passed to the afterlife. Now, it’s inhabiting a doll. The other team members find this out firsthand when Ray and Sara are attacked. Mick steps in and burns the doll to a crisp. They take it back to the ship, but the spirit isn’t done yet. It slips out of the doll and moves to find a new host.

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In 2018, Mona is embracing her new life at the Bureau, but has found that she is falling for one of the creatures. Gary is falling for Mona and asks Nate for his help in setting the two of them up. When Nate talks to Mona, he thinks she is referring to Gary when she says that she does like somebody at the office, but it could be weird. Nate tells her to go for it. Mona tries talking to Konane and learns that something bad has been happening to him. Konane then tells Mona to hide as two men in black show up, use stun batons on Konane, then drag him away. Mona follows and confronts the kidnappers, which results in Konane getting free and attacking the men. Mona tries to stop them when Konane slashes her across the chest. Bleeding, she tells him to run because the Bureau will kill him for sure now. He does so.

Ava is along for the ride this week, but is at odds with Mick after she confiscates Brigid’s book. Sara tries to mend that relationship by forcing them to eat a nice dinner with each other. The conversation turns sour, Mick storming off after offering the worst insult toward Ava, calling her clone and asking why Sara can have a fake girlfriend, but he can’t. Before they can do anything more, the new host attacks. In classic horror movie fashion, Sara and Ava split up. Ava is attack by the puppet of the late Martin Stein, but is saved by Mick. The two return to Sara, Ava injured, and tell her about the return of the dummy. Ray appears on the bridge and is almost strangled by Stein. They get the dummy off of him and Sara delivers a killer kick, but then everything gets screwy because…

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Constantine is determined to right his mistakes, which means he needs to stop himself from ever meeting Desmond. He enlists Charlie’s help, saying that if she does, he’ll reverse the spell that has her locked in Amaya’s body. Charlie poses as Amaya and convinces Constantine to leave the bar where Desmond works, but time makes it so that the two meet a few days later. Constantine then surmises that if he can’t stop their meeting, he can break them up later. Zari finds out about their plan and realizes just how horrible things could get if Desmond never gets dragged to hell. A malevolent being named Neron attached himself to Desmond in an act of revenge against Constantine, which forced him to banish both demon and lover to the Hell. Charlie pretends to be Constantine to give him time to get to New Orleans before Zari finds out. When she does, they rush to stop Constantine from breaking the biggest rule of time travel, but they are too late. Constantine breaks Desmond’s heart, he goes away, and time fractures. Everyone is frozen in time, except for Zari and Charlie aboard the jump ship, but even they couldn’t escape the affects of Constantine’s actions. Charlie can shapeshift again, much to her delight, but then she realizes that something is wrong. She looks over and Zari has been transformed into a cat.

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Well, now we know for sure why the Legends aren’t a part of the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover event. Thanks to Constantine, time is broken. Again. It will be all up to Charlie to put it right since she’s suffered the least from his actions. We finally have a name to the demon plaguing Constantine, and I’m guessing that he will become a more central player as the big bad. Also, there’s the mystery of who those men were who came after Konane, but my thought is that they are a part of Project Hades. I also believe that once time is restored, Mona’s wound will become an issue. Nate, Ava, or Gary (depending on who finds her) will probably take her aboard the Waverider to heal her, and then she’ll probably end up sticking around.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Legends of To-Meow-Meow.’