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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Bunker Hill’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Bunker Hill’

Manchester knows the true identity of Agent Liberty, targeting Ben and his wife. Ben knows instantly that he is in danger when Manchester shows up at their house. Eventually, the truth of the visit comes out and Manchester demands that Ben put on his Agent of Liberty gear. Manchester wants him to wear it while he loses his world and then dies. Meanwhile, Nia is having dreams of Manchester’s attack on the Lockwoods, seeing Lydia’s death. Nia decided to just not sleep so she doesn’t have to deal with the nightmare, but it is taking a toll on her daily life. Kara recognizes that something is amiss and tells Nia that she can open up to her. Nia eventually admits that she is an alien and that once in a while, one of her race is born with the ability to see the future. Now that they know that, Kara and Brainy can help her.

Brainy hasn’t been entirely honest about his interactions with Nia, letting slip to Kara and Alex that Nia is someone very important and powerful in the future. He can’t tell them anything more at risk of jeopardizing that outcome. Regardless, he will help in any way that he can. They have Nia relive the dream and figure out that the woman’s general location. While trying to track her down, the Children of Liberty and their alien-sniffing dogs find them first. The trio find themselves kidnapped by the Children, but then Nia has a vision of the Children killing them because they’re reporters. When the gun is fired, uses the bullet to break the chains instead. Brainy tells her that she has greatness in her and she can use her powers to do amazing things.

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Kara runs off and returns to the Nth metal factory as a fight breaks out between Manchester, Sam, and Lydia. She tries to talk Manchester down, but he is beyond reason. He uses a bomb on Kara that temporarily weakens her powers, then dumps the powerful metal on her, trapping her in place. Nia and Brainy arrive on the scene and Nia recognizes that this is where it will happen. She looks around and realizes that Brainy was right. She has the power to stop it. Manchester is about to kill Lydia when Nia uses a factory hook to knock Manchester out. Ben takes the gun from his wife and is about to kill Manchester when Kara breaks free and stops him. Ben is arrested, but not before ruining everything for Supergirl. He says that now the people know his face, so why don’t they know who Supergirl really is?

Back at the DEO, the president is there to meet with Alex and Supergirl. He shows Kara a magazine from Metropolis, which calls Ben a “human rights activist” and the people are rallying around him, demanding his release. The president can’t help but agree with some of the points Ben has made as Agent Liberty. He says that from now on, the DEO will be transparent. That means they have to give up Supergirl’s true identity. Kara says that the reason it’s a secret is to protect her loved ones. The president knows this, but says it has to be done in order to keep things civil. Kara refuses, so the president essentially fires her from the DEO. Things are not looking good and are only going to get worse. Ben is in prison, but he was talking to someone on the phone at the beginning of the episode and asking them to let him be Ben for a while. He would return to Agent Liberty when the time was right. Who is this mysterious person on the other line? My guess, since we know he’s coming, is Lex Luthor.

Supergirl/The CW

The end of the episode tag gives us a look at Earth-90 where a slew of superheroes lay dead upon a battlefield. We see Stargirl, Firestorm, helmets of the Ray and Hawkman. Then, the Flash crawls across the rubble toward a book, but he is beaten to it by Moniter. Moniter tells him that they have failed and that everyone must die. Flash runs off, disappearing before Moniter can kill him. Hello, Elseworlds.