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‘Outlander’ Preview: 5 People Behaving Like “Savages”

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This week’s episode is called, “Savages.” It’s undoubtedly a reference to the British settlers’ preferred word for the Native Cherokee tribe. However, it’s not just the natives who are capable of behaving badly. Before Sunday rolls around, let’s take a look at five other people who are acting like savages.

  1. Governor Tryon’s Sheriffs. The North Carolina governor has appointed sheriffs and charged them with maintaining peace and collecting taxes, among other things. Unfortunately, he’s having a fair amount of trouble finding good ones. Taxes aren’t being collected, and the ones that are aren’t making it into the treasury. Tryon is hoping to reverse that trend by adding Jamie’s loyalty to the mix. But does the corruption already run too deep for one man to change?
  2. The Regulators. On the other side against the corrupt sheriffs are the Regulators. These are settlers who are refusing to pay over what they consider to be a fair tax. Part of the terms of Jamie’s charter is that he will fight against the Regulators. However, as most of them are Highlanders like Jamie, how will he handle fighting against his own countrymen?
  3. Other Settlers. The British and the Cherokee have vastly different ideas of land ownership and that causes a lot of problems between them. Any potential settlers with the Frasers have to be willing to honor the boundary lines and keep the peace that Jamie has brokered with the Cherokee. But the Frasers aren’t the only ones in the woods, and other settlers may not be so keen on sharing.
  4. Jamie. As mentioned above, Jamie has found himself in a tough spot already. He owes a debt of loyalty to Governor Tryon for the land charter, he owes a debt of honor to his fellow Highlanders, and he has Claire and Young Ian to protect at all costs. He killed a man with his bare hands last week (not to be confused with bear hands, which is what the other man had). The question is, will he be called upon to act like that again?
  5. Claire. Acting like a savage doesn’t have to mean acting violently. Now that Jamie has brokered a peace with the Cherokee, Claire is learning about their healing arts from Adawehi, the shaman for the tribe. She is spending her time with the woman, gathering herbs and plants and learning the Cherokee language. While such knowledge will help her greatly, such a friendship may not be looked upon kindly by others.

Outlander episode 405, “Savages,” airs Sunday, December 2 at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can also watch (and catch-up anytime) on and the Starz mobile app. Check back here to each week for full episode recaps and future episode previews.

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