Tom Payne From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Engaged!

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Tom Payne may have closed his chapter on The Walking Dead, but he’s about to start a new one. On the Talking Dead episode following Jesus’ tragic death last Sunday, Payne revealed that he and his girlfriend, model/singer Jennifer Akerman, had just gotten engaged! Ackerman also shared the news on her Instagram account with a stunning picture of the couple (and the ring)!

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Thank you everyone for your sweet words and congratulations regarding our engagement! Tom warned me there might be some fuss about it when I said “what do u mean, who’s gonna care about that?” But now I realize lots of people 😂 I feel so lucky to have met a person that I not only wanna spend the rest of my life with but also someone I can share everything with. Who loves me for me and supports me no matter what. Here’s a shot we took from last nights video shoot for Hold On. A song written by us about our journey together. Check it out on Spotify (link in the famous bio) and stay tuned for the video! Also, couldn’t be more proud of Toms amazing work on The Walking Dead and I’m excited for the world to see more of his talent. I love you more and more each day @thetpayne 💙

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The post also revealed that the two had written a song under their band name, Final Child, called “Hold On”. The song tells the story of their relationship and journey together. It’s available to listen on Spotify, and you can also check it out below!

Back in March, Payne spoke with Women’s Health magazine and opened up about what makes his relationship with Akerman work.

“She was the first person who wasn’t afraid to challenge me and call me on my shit. A few weeks in, we had an argument on the street, and I said to her, ‘I don’t do this!’ I was in a relationship for 10 years before this one, and we never argued, mainly because I always had the power. But with this relationship, it’s a fifty-fifty split. We’re totally invested.” 

Fans have always been huge supporters of Payne and Ackerman’s relationship as they often share adorable photos on social media. Check out some of our favorites below!

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🎼Lean on me 🎼

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While Payne will no longer be on The Walking Dead, fans can catch him and wish him congratulations at a few upcoming Walker Stalker Conventions including New Jersey, Portland, Phoenix, London, Chicago, and the final Walker Stalker Cruise!

Congratulations to Payne and Akerman on their engagement! The Walking Dead returns on February 10th on AMC!

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