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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Rather the Fallen Angel’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Rather the Fallen Angel’

James was taken by the Children of Liberty last week and it wasn’t necessarily for any malicious reason. They bring him before Agent Liberty, who wants James to publicly support the organization as Guardian. He isn’t too keen on the idea at first, but the Children won’t let him leave their hideout unless he does what they want. Tom comes to James’ aid and they try to escape, but the others stop them. Then, Liberty delivers his ultimatum. If James doesn’t declare for the Children, they will kill Tom. James agrees to make the announcement.

Supergirl and Manchester have joined forces in order to stop the Children. While at the DEO, Kara, Alex, and Brainiac-5 tune into Ben Lockwood’s new show, where he tells the story of five humans going missing on Thanksgiving. He twists the true events of the day, painting the aliens as being the bad guys. He even calls out Supergirl, which Kara is not happy about. She and Manchester continue their search, which eventually leads them to their base of operations on the alien immigration island. Naturally, there are power-dampeners installed on the island, so Supergirl will be vulnerable. She brings a yellow sun bomb that will jump-start her powers, but there are other forces at play that keep her from being able to fight back when the Children attack. Manchester was using her. He made a deal with the Children in exchange for a meeting with Agent Liberty. The Children take Kara away and lock her inside a monument that is about to be publicly blown up by James. Manchester meets with Liberty, but it’s not the real one. Angered by this, he kills a whole bunch of the Children and saves Supergirl. James, who is about to blow up the monument, sees that something is wrong and doesn’t go through with it. Supergirl breaks free, they defeat the Children, but Kara realizes just how far gone Manchester is. They go their separate ways.

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Meanwhile, Lena has begun her first human trial using the harun-el. In the beginning, she guards her emotions, trying not to form any sort of attachment to her subject because she knows that there is very little chance of survival. Eventually, he starts wearing her down. His name is Adam and he blames himself for his brother’s passing. Adam needed a kidney and his brother supplied, but there was a complication and he died during the operation. Adam asks Lena if she’s ever had a hero, and she replies that she’s only ever had one. Lena tells the story of the death of her birth mother. She loved her dearly, but blames herself for her death as well. When Lena was four, her mother drowned in front of her. To this day, Lena doesn’t understand why she didn’t do anything to help her. She just stood and watched, which is why she thinks she deserves to have grown up with the horrible Luthors. Adam tells her that it wasn’t her fault. She was just a child. They continue the experiments, but it results in failure. Adam dies after showing signs of powers for about a minute.

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There were a lot of interesting moments this episode, especially with Manchester and Lena. He is so hell-bent on revenge and managed to shut out the one person who understands and wants to be his friend throughout the hardships. J’onn begs Manchester to stop his one-man crusade, but he is too far gone. J’onn takes it personally and is broken that he couldn’t help his friend. Lena is trying to do amazing things with science, but it also has the potential to take her down a dark path. She is keeping her trials a secret from James and Kara, and I can’t even imagine what their reactions will be when they learn the truth. James does apologize to Lena for everything, saying he was only thinking about himself and trying to get the story. Lena seems to forgive him, but will probably continue to hold him at arm’s length. I’m interested to see where the trials are going to go and who is going to be the success story.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Bunker Hill.’