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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Tender is the Nate’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview ‘Tender is the Nate’

The Legends are picking up an extra crew member this week as Henry comes aboard to figure out why the Time Bureau is in such a deficit. In the trailer, Henry flat out tells the Legends that their methods don’t seem very efficient. First, I’m also confused as to how the Legends are costing so much money when they aren’t getting paid and they have a ship from the future that can just make anything they need. Or perhaps the Bureau is in debt because they sometimes have to send agents out in order to help clean up the Legends’ mess. I can’t help but blame Rip for this whole situation…

Having Henry and Nate aboard is going to cause problems besides the government man poking holes into the “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” method most often used by the Legends. This is the first time Nate will be back on the ship since Amaya left and he already admitted to not wanting to be there because everything reminds him of her. He’s going to be in for quite the shock when he meets Charlie. She wasn’t featured in the trailer so maybe Sara or someone was able to convince her to take a little “vacation” away from the Waverider while the Heywoods are aboard. I’m just going to go ahead and bet that they will come face-to-face by the end of the episode and it’s not going to be pretty.