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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Icicle Cometh’

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The Flash Recap ‘The Icicle Cometh’

Team Flash has determined that if they can find the core of the satellite that fell during the Enlightenment, they can figure out Cicada’s true identity. Nora, Iris, and Sherloque head out to investigate the crash site while Ralph and Cecile visit the FEMA center. Nora wants to spend more time with her mother now that she’s seen how cool she can be, but their methods to tackling a problem are completely different and they’re used to working alone. Sherloque says that they don’t have time to bond and need to dive and conquer. Eventually, they find the core in the water, Nora getting instruction on how to move the water so they can pull it out. Meanwhile, Ralph and Cecile (who is trying to get her groove back) confront a FEMA worker. He refuses to give them the information they want, but eventually, Cecile finds her “mojo” and gets the information they need. There were three kids that were injured during the fallout, but only one has a living father. Her name is Grace Gibbons.

Meanwhile, Cisco and Barry convince Caitlin that it’s time to find her dad. Using the newly-restored satellite, they know where he is. They travel to the North Pole and find a seemingly abandoned facility. Inside, they find Thomas, who is ecstatic that Caitlin followed the clues. He tells them that he ran away and isolated himself because he was running experiments with cryogenics in order to cure himself of ALS. (and name drops Victor Fries). He wasn’t able to fully cure himself, just stop the affects of the disease from spreading. Cisco, however, isn’t believing Thomas’ story. He feels like there is something not quite right and continues to investigate. His vibe reveals that Thomas wasn’t in the cryogenic tube like he said, but was instead experimenting on his own stem cells. Cisco thinks that just like Caitlin has Killer Frost, Thomas has his own alter ego, and that’s who stands before them today. Caitlin doesn’t believe him, naturally, and is very upset that he would try and take away this happy discovery.

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Thomas needs Caitlin’s blood in order to reverse the affects of the experimenting on himself, and she’s about to go through with it when she realizes that Cisco was right. Thomas isn’t trying to get rid of the ice, he’s trying to get rid of the human side that still remains. When they confront Thomas, he gives in, finally revealing who he truly is. “Icicle” comes forth and it is exactly like Killer Frost. Caitlin learns that Thomas ran the experiments on Caitlin because she had early signs of ALS and he wanted to head them off early. Caitlin’s mom recognized the evil in her husband and locked him away to protect Caitlin. She hid the truth because it would’ve been worse, and Caitlin feels guilty for believing her mother to be the evil one in this situation. A fight breaks out with Icicle as he tries to destroy everything in S.T.A.R. Labs and create some sort of new ice age. The building is so cold, it freezes Barry, Nora, Ralph, and Cisco in their tracks. Caitlin, however, is immune. She stands up to her father and summons the power within. Icicle manages to escape, but the momentary crisis is stopped. Plus, Killer Frost is back-ish.

When DeVoe touched Caitlin, they thought that he used Melting Pot’s abilities to do away with her powers, but now they think that he put a mental block on Caitlin. Cisco gives Caitlin the mental-dampening tech Harry used last season, saying that if she wears it, she might be able to communicate with Killer Frost. He and Barry also assert that they will find Icicle and figure out a way to save Thomas. Because Icicle was so set on using Caitlin’s blood, there must be a bit of Thomas still left. Caitlin puts on the dampener and talks to Killer Frost. She is now on the road to recovery.

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While all of this is going on, Cicada is suffering from some severe wounds, but refuses to get medical treatment. His daughter’s nurse finds him passed out in his home and wants to sew up the wounds, but Cicada once more stops her. He says that the injuries are making him stronger. Now that we know he has a piece of the core of the satellite, I can’t help but wonder if the piece of the core he carries around had embedded itself in his chest during the crash. His daughter was injured in the fallout, but we still don’t know how that happened. It was enough for Cicada to seek revenge against all metahumans, who he claims shouldn’t exist. I think we’re going to be getting more on his backstory and what went down the night of the Enlightenment.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful.’