17 Reminders That No One Hated ‘Twilight’ More Than Robert Pattinson


It’s been 10 years since Twilight hit theaters, bringing the first book of Stephanie Meyers’ best-selling vampire series to the big screen. With it came life-changing roles for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and more. The movie was a huge success, kicking off what would be a five-film franchise with one of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases.

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Now, over the past decade, the cast and crew have countlessly said how thankful they were for the opportunity to be a part of the franchise that kicked off a Hollywood vampire obsession, but discovering old gems of Robert Pattinson subtly hating on Twilight is one of our favorite past times. So, even though we all love Twilight, here are 17 times that Robert Pattinson was a total Twilight savage.

1. Rob’s face when Taylor said Stephanie Meyer was writing a new Twilight book.

2. Followed by this conspiracy theory…

3. Rob on meeting Edward Cullen IRL.

4. This thoughtful answer

5. On the one thing he took from the set.

On the one thing he took from the set

6. This assumption…

This assumption...

7. On the love he had for his co-stars

15 Reminders That No One Hated Twilight More Than Robert Pattinson

8. When he showed how truly sad he was to have the franchise ending.

When he showed how truly sad he was to have the franchise ending

9. He often said what a lot of people were thinking

He often said what a lot of people were thinking

10. When he blatantly revealed his true feelings.

11. And who can forget this?

Who can forget this

12. Or when he called out Bella’s pregnancy.

13. Pattinson makes every Twilight bonus DVD commentary complete gold.

14. When Tumblr made this distinction.

15. You have to love his complete honesty, though.

16. And how relatable he was at times…

17.  And lastly, when he complained about having to look 17 all of the time.


    • He should be thankful that he was chosen for this role and great exposure. Let’s not forget about how much money he made, and all the other roles he was offered because of it. There’s so many talented actors who would’ve been very grateful for the opportunity!

  1. […] I bought the next three books as they came out and enjoyed them. Enjoyed them, that is, until the backlash started. Now, everywhere you looked, people were grouping themselves. Twihards and Anti-twihards. You could barely read an article or watch a video that didn’t either sing Stephenie Meyer’s praises or call her mean names. Even Robert Pattinson, the actor who portrayed Edward, often said how much he hated the series. […]


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