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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Call to Action’

The CW

Supergirl Recap ‘Call to Action’

The Children of Liberty are taking to the streets of National City. Wearing masks that mimic Agent Liberty’s, they are attacking any alien they come across. Manchester Black interferes as a few of the thugs are attacking an alien, but is overpowered. Luckily, Supergirl was listening and rushes to his aid. After the fight, pieces of paper advertising the Children are unleashed upon the city. It is a manifesto. Kara takes a paper and mask back to the DEO, where she is chewed out by Colonel Haley. Supergirl was not authorized to patrol in that area, according to the colonel. Even though they have the manifest as proof of some sort of bigger plan, Colonel Haley forbids Alex from following any leads regarding the Children. Alex goes against her orders and has Brainiac-5 examine the mask.

Supergirl/The CW

Since James is being called a “warrior for the common man” because of his stint as Guardian, Lena thinks that he needs publicly denounce the Children of Liberty. He has other plans and a meeting has been set up between him and one of the members. Of course, he has no idea who he’s meeting. Or when. Or where. The whole thing is super sketchy and Lena calls him out on it. She wants him to do a round table on a popular show and condemn the Children for their actions. James refuses to go. Kara goes in his place and engages with Ben Lockwood, who receives enthusiastic cheers from the audience, which worries Kara. Meanwhile, James meets with Tom and believes him to just be a regular guy who is living in fear of another alien attack. They walk through a neighborhood with Tom’s dog. On Thanksgiving day, while enjoying time with friends and family, the topic of the Children comes up and James sides with them, talking about his experience with Tom. It’s then that Kara reveals that the Children have trained dogs to sniff out aliens. They realize that Tom was marking the homes his dog was identifying as alien residences. Brianiac-5 pulls out the mask and there’s an infrared lens. They pick out symbols throughout the city. The Children of Liberty are striking tonight.

Kara, Alex, Braniac-5, and Manchester work to remove the symbols from the residences. If the others knew Manchestor’s method, they would not be so happy. Though not shown, it is heavily implied that Manchester murders the Children he comes across. When the Children attack a residence, a young girl calls upon her pet to protect her, and it turns out the lizard is actually a dragon. It transforms and attacks. Kara uses her cold breath to try and stop the dragon’s fireballs. During the fight, the girl comes forward and reveals that it is just trying to protect her. Alex tells Kara the dragon’s name and to say Alana is safe. It transforms back into its original form, and for now, National City is back to normal. Colonel Haley is upset that they went against her orders, but adds that they will now be taking the Children of Liberty seriously. Alex tells the colonel that she will always follow her gut, accepting any court martial that comes her way as a result.

Supergirl/The CW

Lena and James’ relationship is pushed to the breaking point this week. She will do everything she can to protect him, even calling him out for not condemning the Children of Liberty. James says that he can fend for himself and doesn’t need her help. That’s when Lena drops the bombshell that it’s because of her the charges against him were dropped. He doesn’t take the news very well. James goes to Tom once more, wanting to meet with Agent Liberty himself, but Tom sets James up to be kidnapped by other members. I’m guessing he’s going to meet Agent Liberty, but not in the way he would have hoped.

An interesting reveal during this week is what Lena and Eve have been doing with the harun-el. Lena has been running experiments to cure cancer. Unfortunately, every attempt has ended in failure. After the latest failure, Eve tries to burn the heart, but it won’t catch fire. They try again and again, but nothing happens. They have succeeded in making an immortal heart. During Thanksgiving, Lena talks about how humans are afraid because they will always be weaker than aliens. She suggests leveling the playing field. If more people had powers, there would be no fear. The point is brought up of bad people having powers, but Lena says that there will be a screening process. Only certain people will be granted powers, which means they would be playing God. At the end of the episode, Lena decides that they cannot wait any longer and need to go to the next stage. They need a human subject. So who is going to be granted superpowers? My guess is Nia Nal.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Rather the Fallen Angel.’