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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Family Dynamics And A Red Fiero”


Sophomores get to pick electives and Sheldon is stuck in psychology. His homework: observe his family over the holidays, form a hypothesis and make a prediction.

George tells Mary that he may have a better job offer, in Oklahoma. They begin to bicker over whether or not he should take it and Sheldon begins his research. George asks the kids about possibly leaving Medford. Georgie seems ok with it but Sheldon remains neutral due to his research on the family. Missy says her friends would miss her more than she misses them, but she just wants to watch TV. Mary asks Meemaw about the matter and tries to get her to express how heartbroken she’d be if she couldn’t see her grandkids all the time.


At dinner, Mary starts to say what she’s thankful for and they go around the table. Everyone’s testament is heartfelt but George sees right through Mary’s plot. The dinner turns into a big fight. Meemaw takes the kids for the night when George leaves and comes back with a Fiero. Sheldon is no longer neutral as he gets emotional when giving his report in class. Meemaw attempts to cheer him up by going to RadioShack.

George goes on the job interview, leaving Mary and the kids in Texas. George is impressed with Tulsa’s facility but he turns the job down.


I loved this episode. I went through the same thing when I was a kid as I’m sure many kids did, and while my dad never bought a Fiero, he did turn down a job to keep the family from moving. This show continues to make me laugh while making Sheldon Cooper and his family relatable. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, see you after the holiday!