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‘Outlander’ Preview: The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of “The False Bride”

Starz Media Room

It wouldn’t be the beginning of a season of Outlander without dozens of unanswered questions, right? Luckily for us (or unluckily, depending on how you feel about dramatic tension), this season definitely already has lots of unanswered questions. For this week’s episode preview, let’s be good journalists and look at the “5 W Questions” of the current Outlander world.

  1. Who is John Quincy Myers? We met the Mountain Man last week when he was called upon to de-skunk Rollo. Young Ian took an immediate shine to the man, especially when the talk turned to wooing women. It’s not the last we’ll see of Mr. Myers, and hopefully, his appearance this week will shed a bit more light on just who is hiding under that bushy beard.
  2. What is going on between Brianna and Roger? In 1970, Roger and Brianna have reunited. It’s been over a year since they shared their first kiss, which means fans have missed plenty of their early romance. Are they still an item? Or have they gone their separate ways in the future?
  3. Where will Jamie and Claire end up? Aunt Jocasta named Jamie as her heir last week. Will Jamie convince Claire to remain by his side and try to change River Run for the better? Or will Claire insist on not becoming a slaveholder, even for a short period of time? Their only other option is to take the Governor’s offer, but that comes with its own risks.
  4. When will Young Ian be sent back to Scotland? Young Ian was due to be sent back to Scotland on the next ship. That ship has now literally sailed, which means that Jamie will need to find Young Ian alternate passage. And that’s assuming that Young Ian will even consent to go. He keeps begging Jamie to let him stay in America. Will he wear his uncle down? Or is Young Ian destined for life back at Lallybroch?
  5. Why do we have to wait until Sunday to find out? But seriously- one episode a week is about six episodes too few for us. Unfortunately, Starz doesn’t see it that way, so we’re all going to have to wait until Sunday night to find out the answers to all these questions.
    Episode 403, “The False Bride,” airs 8 pm on Sunday, November 18 on Starz. Viewers can also watch (& catch up on previous episodes) on or the Starz streaming app. Check back here to for a full episode recap after the episode airs, as well as weekly episode previews and recaps.

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