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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘All Doll’d Up’

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The Flash Recap ‘All Doll’d Up’

Following the revelation that future Iris suppressed Nora’s abilities and shut her out following Barry’s disappearance, Nora isn’t speaking to her past parents. Barry stood up for Iris, saying he trusts whatever decision Iris will make in the future because he believes if she did it, it was for a good reason. Knowing Nora, if she had known that she had speedster abilities, she would’ve gone looking for Barry instantly and put herself in a dangerous situation. Nora is avoiding her parents and crashing at Joe and Cecile’s, where Cecile promises to tell Nora a story from Barry’s past if she does chores around the house. Nora willingly agrees, though rushes through everything–sometimes doing the task incorrectly.

The metahuman of the week is Rag Doll, who is trying to get revenge against his mother and upper society by stealing high-end pieces of art and jewelry. Barry and Iris team up in order to take the meta down, which is the first time they’ve really been out in the field together like this. It was nice to see them in this capacity again. Iris is struggling with what to do about Nora, revealing to Barry that she feels like she becomes her own mother in the future. Francine ran away and Joe kept the fact that she was alive from Iris, who believes that that is what happens with Nora. Barry once again asserts that he trusts Iris decision to keep Nora’s abilities from her and that this situation is nothing like with Francine. He also reminds her that things can change. If anyone knows the future can change, it’s Barry and Iris. They have to focus on the here and now.

Meanwhile, Caitlin, Cisco, and Sherloque follow the trail left behind by Caitlin’s father. Cisco vibes off of the period table Caitlin found the message in and find out that he worked at Hudson University and knew Martin Stein. They head there and find clues that reveal that Thomas knew about Killer Frost. Caitlin starts thinking that the reason he left was because of Killer Frost, but Cisco assures her that’s not the case. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left a path for Caitlin to follow. Cisco tries to vibe off of an item in Thomas’ destroyed lab, but has a seizure. He still has dark matter in his body from contact with Cicada and it’s been affecting his powers. Cisco tried to ignore the pain because it meant helping Caitlin, but she tells him that he has to stop. Who she needs is Cisco her friend, not Vibe. After a really great moment and pep talk (I’ve missed the two of them together), Cisco gets back to work on restoring the S.T.A.R. Lab satellites. Once they’re up and running, he tells Caitlin that he is ready to start trying to locate Thomas that way whenever she is ready to find out the truth.

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Rag Doll strikes again, this time kidnapping Barry. Iris tries to call Nora in for help, but she isn’t near her phone. Iris and Ralph then take to the skies (Ralph swinging from building to building like Spider-man) in order to save Barry. On the rooftop where Rag Doll has Barry tied up and handcuffed by the power-suppressing cuffs, Ralph and Iris ask Rag Doll to let him go. Rag Doll obliges by knocking Barry off the roof. Without thinking, Iris dives off the roof after him, key to the cuffs in hand. She unlocks Barry and he saves them. Nora arrived on the scene to see all of that go down and can’t believe how awesome her mother was in that moment.

I really liked all of the character moments in this episode. From Barry and Iris having the deep conversation about Iris’ fears of turning into her own mother, to Cisco and Caitlin, to Cecile telling stories about Iris in her youth to Nora. It was nice to have all of these little moments that brought us back to why I love the show so much: The characters. Even Ralph is starting to grow on me. He and Sherloque are starting to get to the point where they can work together and solve the mystery surrounding Cicada.

The Flash/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Icicle Cometh.’