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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Wet Hot American Bummer’

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Wet Hot American Bummer’

The Legends are off to 1995 to infiltrate a summer camp where kids have been disappearing. Sara invites Ava along for the ride, wanting her to spend more time with her, but also wanting to get her opinion on the Fugitive Charlie. Ava assumes they kept the shapeshifter around so they could gain intel on the mystical prison and other escaped beings, and Sara yes that’s exactly why they didn’t get rid of the shapeshifter who now looks like the former teammate they all miss very much. Zari and Rory are tasked with keeping Charlie detained, while Sara, Ava, Ray, and Constantine become camp counselors (much to Constantine’s annoyance). They all have a very different method to how they should manage the kids in their cabin. Sara’s method is probably the best, but Ava interferes and runs the camp like boot camp. She thinks that fear and a tight leash will keep the girls in line. Naturally, one of their girls sneaks out the first night and disappears.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Aboard the Waverider, Zari is tricked by Charlie and ends up trapped behind the force field. As Charlie tries to leave, Rory stops her. The two end up bonding over their time spend in their respective prison, drinking beer together. Charlie opens up to Rory and because of that, the Legends are able to figure out what they’re up against at the camp. There’s a vampiric witch called a shtriga who slowly feeds on the life force of children. With this information in mind, Sara and Ava become the bait, taking a potion made by Constantine that will turn them into kids. Meanwhile, Ray and Constantine search for the missing campers, tracking them to an abandoned shack. The only way to restore their life is to kill the shtriga.

Young Sara and Ava get into a fight with the shtriga, who is the overly-enthusiastic, very 90s counselor Chad. The two make a pretty good team and defeat the Fugitive. The children all regain their life force, except for one young boy. Constantine isn’t about to lose another kid though, and risks his own life in order to save the boy. It’s a close call for Constantine, but he’s going to be okay. Ray is proud of him for his actions, saying that he’s loosing up a bit and really becoming a member of the team. Constantine warns Ray that he is bad news, just like Nora Darhk. He worries that Ray is only going to get hurt as he allows himself to be easily used.

On the Waverider, Rory has let Charlie out of her prison, and the Fugitive has agreed to cooperate with the Legends as long as they don’t lock her up again. Sara agrees. Rory and Amaya always had a good relationship, and I like that he is getting to have the same type of thing with Charlie. The two are kind of kindred spirits and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with them. This episode also was a good test for Sara and Ava’s relationship as Sara got to witness a different side to Ava as the dictator camp counselor. Ava later admits that she doesn’t know how to deal with kids because she never was one (while Sara was great with the girls before Ava went crazy). When they are turned into kids, Sara helps Ava along, and in the end, Ava is thankful for all these true memories she has.

The final scene of the episode features the return of Nora Darhk. And where has she wandered off to? Nora is working at a renaissance festival as a “busty wench” who serves food. It is the worst place for someone like her to end up and I cannot wait to see her in that setting. It’s going to be hilarious. The one interaction she had was already funny enough.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Tagumo Attacks!!!’