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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “An 8-bit Princess And A Flat Tire Genius”


There was a time when Sheldon didn’t like video games? Meemaw bought him one and literally tickles him into playing with it.

Sheldon and Meemaw have a blast playing the game. They play every day after school, even well past Sheldon’s bedtime. The game is invading Sheldon’s dreams and he figures out how to beat the level. When he calls Meemaw to tell her, he discovers that she’s been up playing the game without him.


Meemaw can’t resist the video game and tries to play without him. Meemaw takes Sheldon out of school to play. They win the game and now what? They buy another one.

George and Georgie go to Herschel’s shop so he can look at the truck. Georgie says its the thermostat and it turns out that he’s right and Herschel offers Georgie a part-time job at the shop. Georgie is excited to work, he’s even willing to give up football for it. George is not happy about this.


Georgie doesn’t go to practice after school, instead, he goes to work. Herschel talks to George about the issue and reveals that Georgie has a gift for tires.


This episode was adorable, I loved every minute of it. I’m so proud of Georgie. He found his niche at a young age and made a successful living out of it. We also haven’t really seen Georgie take the lead in an episode and Montana Jordan deserves it. Meemaw is such a delight. My grandparents never understood video games, so I love the fact that she’s getting involved in her grandkids’ interests.