Netflix’s New Christmas Movie is Basically a Royal ‘Parent Trap’ & We Can’t Wait

Netflix/Gabriel Hennessey

Last year Netflix decided to dip their feet into the Christmas movie market that Hallmark and Lifetime had been basking in for years. Whether you were here for it or not, from that decision, A Christmas Prince was born and we were never the same.

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Seeing that the film was a huge success both with cheeky audiences and on social media, Netflix not only ordered a sequel to A Christmas Prince, but they decided to add even more original Christmas films this year!

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Which brings us to today’s article about Netflix’ new holiday movie called The Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame.  The film is basically The Parent Trap, except older and the parents are replaced with handsome men.

Netflix/Gabriel Hennessey

Here’s the official logline for the film:

One week before Christmas, Margaret (Hudgens), the gorgeous Duchess of Montenaro, switches places with Stacy (Hudgens), a “commoner” from Chicago, who looks exactly like her. With the assistance of a magical Santa’s helper, Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s handsome co-worker, while Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s fiance, the dashing Prince.

Netflix/Gabriel Hennessey

It checks off nearly every classic rom-com Christmas movie box! 


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A Royal Family (with a handsome prince)

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Mistaken Identity

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And a Wise Old Man

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The best part? You don’t even have to wait until Christmas to watch it! The Princess Switch will be available to stream on Netflix starting November 16th! Check out the full trailer below!

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