‘Outlander’ Preview: 5 People Who Should Watch Out In “Do No Harm”

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The first tenet of the Hippocratic Oath is to do no harm. It’s a promise that Claire has already had tested many times since she returned through the stones to Jamie last season. That trend doesn’t seem to be stopping now that she and Jamie find themselves in pre-American Revolution North Carolina. Over and over again, they find themselves in harm’s way and must make impossible decisions. Before this week’s episode airs, let’s take a sneak peek at five characters who just may find themselves in harm’s way.

  1. Jamie. Penniless and without options following the riverboat robbery, Jamie must hope that Aunt Jocasta will look kindly upon him, Claire, and Ian. Right before Stephen Bonnet’s less-than-welcome arrival, Jamie told Claire how much he hates being unable to buy her nice things. He was so excited by the prospect of success, only to have it ripped away moments later. How will Jamie handle this newest setback?
  2. Claire. If there’s one thing we know about Claire, it’s that her modern sensibilities don’t always go over well with the locals. She’s found herself in the deep South in 1767, surrounded by an economy that has been built almost entirely on the backs on slaves. Her opinions on the subject will not make her many friends among Aunt Jocasta’s neighbors. But will her outspokenness lead to something far worse than social ostracizing?
  3. Aunt Jocasta. She’s Jamie’s mother’s aunt, which makes her a McKenzie. She’s also a widow several times over. If she’s anything like Jamie, we can expect a strong independent woman to greet the riverboat. How will she react to Claire? And how will her empire survive the turmoil that seems to follow the Fraser clan?
  4. Rufus. According to the episode preview, one of Aunt Jocasta’s slaves, a man named Rufus, attacks and wounds a white overseer. This is a crime punishable by immediate execution. When Jamie and Claire step in to prevent a ruthless lynching, they bring all kinds of trouble right to Jocasta’s front door. How will this act affect Jamie and Claire? And more importantly- what will happen to Rufus?
  5. Stephen Bonnet. We don’t actually expect to see Stephen show up in this episode (and we really hope that we’re right, as there is plenty of other trouble happening), but he should definitely be wary. He betrayed the Frasers’ trust and killed Lesley along the way. That’s not an insult that Jamie will be willing to leave unanswered for long. His comeuppance is coming.

Episode 402, “Do No Harm” airs at 8 pm on Sunday, November 11th on Starz. Viewers can catch up anytime on Starz.com or the Starz mobile app. Be sure to check back here to FanFest.com for a full episode recap, as well as weekly episode previews.

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