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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Dancing Queen’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Dancing Queen’

The Legends are off to London to stop a punk rock band from destroying the British Monarchy. Constantine thinks that the magical creature leading the band if a leprechaun, but the team isn’t sure which member is the fugitive. Their plan is to infiltrate the band and find out who. Things don’t quite goes as planned when Constantine and Mick get into a fight. The band flees the scene and find their escape car, which is just Ray waiting for the other Legends to come back. Now, it’s up to Ray to infiltrate the Smell and figure out who is the magical being.

With a little help from Mick and Sara, Ray (AKA Rage) gains the trust of the band and finds out that they are in fact not dealing with a leprechaun. Their fugitive is Charlie, who is a shapeshifter. She impersonated the Queen to make people think the royal was losing her mind. Charlie was locked up for a long time because people were scared of what she could do, but she isn’t like that. Ray believes that Charlie doesn’t want to hurt anyone and tries to convince the others that they don’t need to send her back to Hell. Unfortunately, they have to do their job and restore the timeline. Ray tells Charlie the truth about him and tries to protect her as the other Legends arrive. Charlie knocks Ray out and impersonates him, attacking the team. When Ray comes to, he once more defends Charlie, even though she just tried to kill everyone. Zari has her trapped with her wind and Constantine opens the portal to Hell. Charlie pleads with them, changing into each member of the team. Lastly, she shifts into Amaya, who Ray told her about. The Legends can’t send her away. Constantine, however, won’t let a shapeshifter on the Waverider so he does a spell that takes away Charlie’s abilities. She is now permanently stuck in Amaya’s body.

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During all of this, Nate is working his first few days as a member of the Time Bureau. He and Gary get word of an anomaly and Nate wants to get out in the field, not write a report and wait several days to find out if they have approval. They solve the problem, but Gary ends up bringing a murderous plant back from the mission. Lots of green ooze and punches later, they defeat the plant. Ava doesn’t really want to know what happened when she sees the state of Nate’s office. Sara shows up and is about to ask Nate to come back to the Waverider to help them with the Charlie/Amaya problem when Nate reveals the real reason he decided to take the Bureau job. Everything about the Waverider reminds him of Amaya and he can’t yet go back there. Sara changes courses, saying he does need some time away and supports his decision. Things aren’t going to be so great once he finds out about Charlie.

This week’s episode introduced us to a new character who will eventually become a bigger part of the show. While celebrating Taco Tuesday on Monday, we meet Mona, who delivers tacos to the Time Bureau. She asks questions about what they do as an organization and Gary has to erase her memory. I think she’s eventually gonna either remember or find out too much to go back. She and Gary really hit it off, and I’m interested to see where her character is going to go. It was also nice this week to get a Ray-centric episode. I also really like that he ended up admitting to the others that he is the reason Nora Darhk escaped the Time Bureau. I can’t wait for how all of that is going to play out.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Wet Hot American Bummer.’