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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Carbon Dating And A Stuffed Raccoon”


Instead of helping Meemaw with her yard sale, George is taking Sheldon to a carbon dating lecture at the natural history museum. Guess what, Paige is back!


George wants to watch football but Paige’s mother, Linda, begins to cry because her marriage is falling apart. They compare marriage notes and George tells her that their secret is that they don’t talk about it. Paige’s father, Barry, pops into the diner and it’s like George started his lunch all over.

Paige gets Sheldon to ditch the lecture. They explore the museum and break into the caveman exhibit. Paige reveals to Sheldon that her parents are fighting and that they might get a divorce. Sheldon and Paige get caught by a security guard. When they get home, George hugs Mary and tells her about what happened. They really are a sweet couple.


Meemaw sets up her sale and teaches Georgie and Missy how to haggle. Mary finds memories of her father in the sale and is getting a little nostalgic over a taxidermied raccoon. Dr. Sturgis tries on a jacket and Meemaw immediately gets emotional. Dr. Sturgis apologizes and Meemaw confides in him that she didn’t think the yard sale would be so hard.


I really felt for Meemaw this episode. I’m so glad she chose Dr. Sturgis over the other guy. He’s so sweet. And of course, Sheldon would think he’s hilarious instead of being embarrassed that Paige is showing him up again. Where is Paige in The The Big Bang Theory? I’d love to see her and Sheldon interact now that they are older. Also, Mary and George are adorable. They really are good for each other.

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