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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘News Flash’

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The Flash Recap ‘News Flash’

This week brought about a whole lot of answers surrounding the mystery of the season. Team Flash deals with a new threat this week as people are getting hypnotized in order to create a thrilling headline for blogger Spencer Young. She sends out a message to a screen and the person who reads it it forced to do as she commands. The first incident involves a bomb at a CCPD softball game with Nora saving the day. Next, there’s a fire. Lastly, Nora is instructed to kill Barry. Iris shoots Nora with the power-suppressing gun to stop her killing Barry, and she was was very close. Despite not having been properly trained, Nora still knew how to reach into Barry’s chest and stop his heart just like Reverse Flash. Spencer is apprehended and it turns out that she isn’t a meta, her phone has been infected with what they call “meta tech.” Because of the Enlightenment and satellite explosion, her phone was infected. This means that there are other pieces of technology out there granting normal people meta abilities.

Which leads to some answers about Cicada. Sherloque and Ralph are on the case. Ralph is convinced that figuring out why he has a mask will help them figure out who Cicada is. Sherloque doesn’t believe that the mask is important because it has never been important the 37 other times he’s solved this case. Through some good detective work, Ralph tracks the mask to a plant where the manager says all employees are required to wear the mask. Unbeknownst to our heroes, Cicada is there and sees them. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque dons the mask and has Caitlin punch him in the chest. The result is the exact same sound Cicada makes. Sherloque calls everyone together and says that Cicada is suffering from lung damage, which is why his breathing is so raspy. He gives all the credit for the discovery to Ralph.

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This leads me to believe that the injury Cicada has is a piece of meta-infected shrapnel impeded in his chest. The lightning bolt metal is also meta-infected, which is why it can temporarily harness meta powers. I think that it is an actual piece of the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite, which makes it super powerful as it came from the source. Meanwhile, the piece that is inside Cicada is slowly working to bring out abilities. Last week, Cicada flew, and now, he has super strength. Who knows what else he’ll be able to do? What Team Flash needs to do first is get the lightning bolt away from him.

Another interesting revelation is why Nora doesn’t really want anything to do with Iris. Her true motive for coming back to the past is coming more into the light. She came back to meet her father, yes, but also, we learn, because Iris kept Nora’s powers a secret. In the future, Iris implanted a power-suppressing chip in her daughter. Of course, Iris did this to protect Nora, but Nora hates her mother for it. Present Iris apologizes for doing it, even though she doesn’t know her future motivation for doing so. Nora is still upset about the whole thing, saying the worst part is that she found out she had powers not from her own mother. Barry sticks up for Iris, saying that he supports her decisions, past, present, and future. This upsets Nora even more and she runs off, moving all of her stuff to Joe and Cecile’s. My guess is that future Iris did this in order to keep Nora from going after Barry. If she knew she had powers, she would work tirelessly to get her father back, and then Iris might end up losing her daughter as well. Grief can cloud judgement. I’m interested to learn more of what happened leading up to Barry’s disappearance and how Iris was as a grieving mother.

The Flash/The CW

The Flash takes a break for two weeks and returns November 13 with the episode ‘All Doll’d Up.’