‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Episode 9×04 ‘The Obliged’

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CAUTION: This recap include spoilers from episode 9×04 of The Walking Dead.

Michonne wakes up with rick, plays with judith, watches them build, stops rguments, helps ill.

She awakens from the dream.

Walkers chew on a body while Michonne appears with the katana, banging it on a barrel.
She slashes them.
It flashes back to her writing feverishly in a notebook.

She slashes more walkers. Then cleans her Katana. She gets out of bed each night and odes it again.
It seems she can’t escape her need to fight the walkers.
She comes across a walker hanging, he seems to be an African man. Michonne’s eyes well up with tears as she gazes upon him.

She then is attacked by walkers, and fights back with a bat. She looks at the bloody bat, throws it down and runs off.


Maggie holds Glenn, she talks to him and kisses his face. His nanny comes to take him, “Good morning Hershel, who’s my big boy?” She says.

Maggie look out over Hilltop. Scene cuts to her down at camp grabbing a crowbar.
Jesus gives her a letter from Georgie.
He asks why she needs a crowbar. She tells him she’s going to make things right.
He disagrees that Maggie didn’t talk to him about killing Gregory.
He questions her new goal to kill Negan. He says he wants her to be sure. She say, “I am, I’ll be back when it’s done.”
She rides off on horseback.


Rick and Eugene walk towards a bridge that’s in danger. Eugene tells him it doesn’t look good long term.
He says that 2 herds found are not in dangerous territory yet.

Eugene apologizes for not doing more. Rick says he made something, and got them there. He tells Eugene that it’s everything. Eugene nods.


Carol sits alone, plays with ring on her finger.
Rick asks if she’s leaving.
She says she’s taking her people home to the kingdom.
Carol says it’s up to her people to decide who they want to be. Rick asks, “LIke you did?” Carol replies “LIke we all did.” Rick says if anyone can give him hope, it’s Carol.
She says she’s still trying to figure things out just like everybody else.

She says she really wanted her being there to work. She leaves.


Cooper rides in, tells Rick that Maggie’s going to Alexandria.
Rick urgently walkies to alert them not to let Maggie in without an escort.
Daryl offers to take Rick. They ride off on bike,

Michonne sits with Judith. There’s a knock on the gate door.
Nora enters, tells Michonne the crops are beginning to ruin. She says Negan wouldn’t eat when they tried to feed him.
She shuts the door, eyes cold.


Daryl misses the road to Alexandria. They get off the bike. Rick asks “What is this?” Daryl says “You know what this is.” He says it’s going to go the way it’s supposed to. They brawl and roll down into a dirty ditch.


Michonne brings dinner to Negan and tells him he needs to eat. He says he doesn’t want to. He asks her to stay and talk to him. She sits and tells him he has 20 minutes.


Rick tries to jump out and asks Daryl if he set it up. He says Rick shouldn’t have gone chasing Maggie. Daryl says Rick wouldn’t be here without Glenn. He mentioned those who died. Daryl tells Rick he’s chasing something that’s never going to be. Daryl tells Rick he’d die for him.


Negan tells Michonne he’s not meant to be in the cell. Negan tells her he thinks the warrior in her isn’t meant to be doing domestic things. Negan says his wife was an angel and he’s glad she didn’t see him like this. Negan tells Michonne his wife had cancer. He says they would have loved to have a kid like Carl. Michonne tells him about her son that died. Negan says he thinks she’s grateful he’s gone, because she knows he would have just made her weak. She throws his plate and storms out.


Anne strokes Gabriel’s head as he lays still in the junkyard. She holds a walker over him as he is tied up. He says he forgives her and she stops. Instead she takes a cloth and holds it over his mouth. He blacks out.


Carol and her team get ready to make the trek to the Kingdom. Some Saviors appear with guns drawn led by Jedd. Carol tells Jed to stop. It’s a standoff. Gunshots ring out.


Rick and Daryl hear the shots. They attempt to climb out of the ditch.


Michonne sits in the kitchen writing. She glances back at her sword. She enters Negan’s room and asks why he said those things. He apologizes and tells her that they’re the same. She disagrees. She says he gets a kick out of doing what needs to get done. He takes a bite of the sandwich and stops her. Negan asks to see Lucille. Michonne says no. “I’m going to see her again.” He says.
He has an episode and begins banging his head against the wall and crying for Lucille.


Walkers fall into the pit with Daryl. Rick is halfway out. They both climb out as walkers pile in.

Rick looks around and tells Daryl to hurry. Daryl grabs at his hand. Brother, take my hand. Daryl lunges strongly at his hand. Rick pulls him up to safety and goes straight to killing walkers. A horse appears that had run from Alexandria. Rick says he’ll lead them away to cause no damage to the bridge they need. Daryl yells back, “Be safe.”


Gabriel awakens in a dumpster. He yells for Anne. She’s gone. He finds a note saying she needs to go fast and alone. He leans over and cries.


Michonne reads to Judith. She sees a picture of a bat and freezes.


Maggie rides further to Alexandria, and Daryl bikes off behind her.


Rick, cornered by walkers, falls off the horse and onto a spike. He passes out.


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