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Paying Tribute to Scott Wilson at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

CR: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

The biggest Walker Stalker event of the year is going on right now in Atlanta. On Friday, excited attendees began filling the Georgia World Congress Center, but one couldn’t help but feel a sense of heartbreak walking through the main con floor. Atlanta is the first Walker Stalker event since the passing of the beloved Walking Dead star and legendary actor Scott Wilson, and his presence is, without a doubt, extremely missed.

Walker Stalker Con lovingly still has Wilson’s autograph booth displayed for con-goers to visit and pay their respects. In an outpouring of love, the booth has turned into a beautiful memorial tribute to the actor.

CR: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

Wilson passed away just a few weeks ago, on the same night that his former The Walking Dead cast mates took the stage at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for their New York Comic Con panel. News of Wilson’s passing broke during the convention’s panel and about an hour after it was announced that Wilson would be reprising his role as Hershel Greene during the ninth season. During their time on stage at NYCC, the cast had no idea about the news of Wilson’s passing.

At Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, fans have been visiting Wilson’s booth and laying flowers to show their appreciation for his kind and gentle soul. Additionally, attendees have been writing their tributes to Wilson on his autograph booth banner.

CR: Denise Caputo/Fan Fest News

The signatures seen in the photos are just from Friday’s crowd alone. The convention floor only opened at 3 PM on Friday, a half day for the show, so you can only imagine how much more love will be added to the banner by the end of the weekend.

In addition to the tributes, a replica of Hershel’s iconic pocket watch hangs in the middle of the banner, and attendees can pick up an orange ribbon to wear in remembrance of the late actor.

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Walker Stalker Con attendees will always remember Scott Wilson for his warm and inviting hugs, his signature “thumbs up” photo-op poses, his friendly smile, but most of all, for his genuine kindness and compassion for all of The Walking Dead fandom.