‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Imitation Perturbation”


It’s Halloween and Penny and Leonard are throwing a party. What’s everyone going to dress up as?

CalTech let’s everyone dress up for work. Sheldon went as Doc Brown from Back to the Future and Howard went as Sheldon. Leonard is Inspector Gadget and Raj is “Kuth” Beta Ginsberg. Everyone is having a good time, except Sheldon. He’s kind of offended by the joke.


Amy wants Bernadette to get Howard to apologize, but Bernie think he should take it up with Howard… At the party, Howard changed out of Sheldon and into a chimney sweep with Bernadette as Mary Poppins. Not liking Bernie’s answer, Amy and Sheldon go as Howard and Bernadette. They are taking the joke way beyond the line.


Howard tries to make Bernadette feel better including asking Amy and Sheldon to apologize. Sheldon obliges but instead of apologizing, he and Bernadette just reminisce about their crappy bullied filled childhood.


Raj and Anu’s costumes were so cute! I am actually starting to like her. Not that I didn’t before, I just felt Raj should actually be the romantic he is. But I understand and respect his reasoning. This episode was back to classic Sheldon where Sheldon gets hurt and everyone else is expected to fix it. This whole thing was petty, funny, but petty.



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