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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Premiere Recap ‘The Virgin Gary’

Legends of Tomorrow Season Premiere Recap ‘The Virgin Gary’

The Legends have finally done it. After returning Paul Revere to his correct position in time (and not announcing “The British are coming” while the Beatles arrive in the states), the Legends have successfully repaired the timeline. Their job complete, Ava has the Time Bureau throw them a party and presents them with metals (which they can’t keep because time travel is a secret). Now, the Legends don’t quite know what to do with themselves. Mick and Nate go off to rob a house, but the mark Nate suggests is his family home. Unfortunately, his parents are not off on vacation, so he and Mick undergo an awkward family dinner. Ray helped Nora Darhk escape the Bureau and is not determined to find her, Zari in tow. Ava asks Sara to move in with her, and she’s seriously considering it when John Constantine crashes their celebratory evening. He tells Sara that the darkness is rising. Sara says they’ve been on the lookout for this new “darkness” for five months and haven’t found a thing.

Later, Sara asks Gary to look through the timeline and see if anything is amiss. He finds a small blip during Woodstock. Sara travels there and runs into Ray and Zari, who thought the blip might be Nora. Nate and Mick run into the rest of the team, saying that history has changed because Woodstock is now a time of horror and ends the hippie movement. The Legends find the source of the anomaly: A unicorn. They and the rest of the Woodstock crowd are enamored by the mythical creature, until it skewers a woman with its horn and eats her heart out. It then sprays the Legends (minus Sara) with some magical rainbow goo from its horn. While the team is tripping out on rainbow goo, Sara calls upon John for help. He agrees, but isn’t too keen to be part of a team. Sara thinks it’ll be good for him.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

After collecting an assortment of items for John’s spell, the Legends have to find themselves a virgin. Enter Gary, who the team convinces he is an interim Legend. Gary is the bait as unicorns are drawn to virgins. The unicorn appears and John casts the spell. When the portal tries to drag the unicorn in, it grabs hold of Gary’s arm, pulling him with it. The Legends pull Gary back, and eventually, the unicorn lets go, taking a bit of Gary with him (his nipple). The problem is solved and Woodstock is saved, but John says this is only the beginning. When Sara confronts him later, asking him once more to join the team, he refuses. Sara has recognized that John is more miserable than normal, but he won’t tell her what happened in the past five months. That night, John is attached by a demon, who writes in blood on the mirror that he is coming for John.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

This was a zany episode, but there was a whole lot of heart. We learned more about Nate and the strained relationship with his father. Henry Heywood has never supported Nate’s career path, wanting him to have followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Nate wishes he could tell his father that truth, but of course, he can’t. Ray reveals to Zari that he cares a lot about Nora, perhaps even loves her, which is why he’s so determined to find her. Zari understands the pain that Ray is feeling. At the end of the episode, she takes Ray to a park where she shows him her mother playing at the park with a younger version of herself. She admits that she thinks about going to her mother and telling her to flee, but knows that she can’t do that. Time has to play out the way it was intended, even though it hurts. The Legends are dealing with their own baggage and are about to have some more when John eventually joins the team. I am excited to see how the rest of the season is going to play out.

Next episode is entitled ‘Witch Hunt.’