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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Fallout’

The CW

Supergirl Recap ‘Fallout’

Following the outting of President Marsdin as an alien, the country is in an uproar. Marsdin steps down as the President, telling Supergirl that she believes that the young hero has the ability to keep the people together. She can be the symbol of hope they need. Mercy Graves and Agent Liberty realize this and take their fight to Supergirl. First, Mercy hacks into L Corp’s computer system, targeting the technology that is being used by aliens to hide their identity. This hack disables the tech being used by Brainiac-5. He is in the process of buying pizza when this happens and the employees lash out at him. New CatCo reporter Nial Nal steps between them, saying she is ashamed of how they are treating Brainiac-5.

Supergirl/The CW

After Lena successfully locks Mercy out of the server, they realize that that was only the beginning of her plan. Mercy is inside L Corp with a group of soldiers. Lena, Kara, and Eve race through the catacombs of the organization, trying to find Mercy and stay away from her goons. This sequence was quite hilarious as Kara keeps trying to find a reason to get away from Lena, but her friend keeps insisting that the safest place is by her side. Kara then has to hide the fact that she’s protecting them. It is one of my favorite things that has happened on the show. It was just too funny. Eve separates from the other two, who then find Mercy in Lena’s most secret room. Mercy takes one of the gauntlets from Lex’s suit, while Lena grabs the other one. The two fight and Kara is finally able to get away and change into Supergirl. She arrives in time to save Lena and apprehend Mercy. Mercy is thrown in a cell next to her brother at the DEO.

Supergirl/The CW

At CatCo, James isn’t releasing a statement about where the company stands in terms of the rising tension between humans and aliens. He will be fair to both sides of the argument. After the altercation at the pizza parlor Nial goes to James and asks him to release a statement. He again refuses, wanting to know why she is so passionate about them taking a stance. Nial reveals that she is transgender and understands the hate being shown toward the aliens. She tells James that CatCo can help a lot of people if they come forward. James thanks her for being honest, but doesn’t think it’s the right time to choose a side. Later, an employee plays a mean prank on one of the aliens in the building. James chews them out, saying that this is not a place of hate. If anything like that happens again, he will fire whoever is responsible.

J’onn is looking for his lost friend and winds up at an anti-alien rally led by Agent Liberty. He tells the people to harness their fear and turn it into strength. Together, they can take back their planet. At the DEO, Mercy and Otis escape their cells after they talk one of the agents, Jensen, into joining their cause. Their next move directly targets Supergirl. Using what I think is Lena’s invention for filling the atmosphere with lead to defeat the Daxamites, the siblings distribute Kryptonite into the air. Kara is flying back from the inauguration of the new President when she is poisoned and falls out of the sky.

This was a really good episode. The serious moments, and there were a lot of them, were broken up by bits of humor, which helped keep you engaged in the story. Things are shaping up for a really solid season and I can’t wait to see where we’re going to go next.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Man of Steel.’

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