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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Research Study And Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastries”


Sheldon and Missy are as different as night and day.

Dr. Sturgis asks in George would be interested in allowing Sheldon and Missy take part in a study on twins. George and Mary are apprehensive until they talk about money. George wants a fishing boat, Mary wants to start saving to send them to college. Sheldon is all in. Missy takes some bribing.


The researchers begin by talking to Mary, George, and Meemaw. They then take Missy and Sheldon and start running their tests. This round is on fact-finding. Missy is delightfully being herself, while Sheldon is in his glory taking a test on a Saturday.

Despite Mary’s reluctance, they go back to the study. This time, the focus is on social conventions. Missy is doing very well. Sheldon is not. He doesn’t get the point of this test and gets upset when the researcher reveals that there are different types of intelligence. Missy reveals that she feels like she’s alone in the family which upsets Mary. On the way home, Missy gets to pick where they go to eat.



I enjoyed this episode so much. Missy might be my favorite character. That’s probably because she reminds me of myself when I was younger (I will still do anything for a Blizzard), but she also has some really funny lines and Raegan Revord’s timing is impeccable. Also, that kolache, it looks delicious but I had to Google it. The dessert is accurate in the episode, I’m just used to a more roll-like Kolache, which, according to Google is a Hungarian version.