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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘The Death of Vibe’

The CW

The Flash Preview ‘The Death of Vibe’

Don’t you dare, Flash.

Team Flash had their first run-in with Cicada, this season’s big bad, and it did not go well. It was three against one, but Cicada’s metal lightning bolt temporarily stole Barry, Cisco, and Ralph’s powers, allowing Cicada to give them a beat down. He was about to kill Barry when Nora reappeared. Cicada recognized the young speedster and fled the scene. The upcoming episode will feature his return, and he’s once again going after Team Flash. Cisco might just be his next victim.

In the trailer, Iris refers to Cicada as a serial killer, so I’m wondering if they trace numerous metahuman deaths across the world since the particle accelerator exploded, or this is information Nora reveals to the team. She informs Team Flash that she knows the name Cicada, but the episode ended before we could get any details. Since Cicada recognized her, it makes me think that he somehow came back from the future. Perhaps he has a grudge against all metas because of something they do to him later on in life. I’m also placing my bets that the metal lightning bolt was stolen from the Flash Museum.

Maybe this is the mistake Nora was talking about in the Season 4 finale. When she ran back in time, maybe Cicada got swept along for the ride. If that is true, I’m surprised she would wait so long to reveal that information and not instantly go after him. Overall, he’s going to be a hard one to stop, which is why Team Flash is turning to the smartest person they know. Well, a version of him. Sherlock Wells.

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