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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Recap: Screwing Things Up for the Better

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Recap: Screwing Things Up for the Better

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow…

Moments after the Legends successfully defeated the Legion of Doom and returned the members to their current time, the Legends traveled to present day to enjoy a bit of a vacation. Unfortunately, when they arrive in 2017, they find that they have broken time. The Legends are intercepted by Rip Hunter’s new band of time travelers, the Time Bureau, who relive the Legends of their duty, sending them on their way. Naturally, the Legends won’t stay down for long. They join forces once more, traveling through time and cleaning up the Anachronisms that they created.

The big bad of the season is the demon Mallus, who was locked away in a cage by the Totem bearers, but is slowly breaking free of his bonds thanks to the help of a resurrected Damien Darhk and his daughter Nora. It’s a race against time as the Legends fight for control of all the Totems so they can destroy Mallus for good. Along the way, they pick up Zari, who is the bearer of the wind Totem, and Wally West, who was traveling abroad trying to find his place in the world. The Legends decide that their best bet is to release Mallus from his prison and destroy him instead of just reinforcing his cage. In typical Legends style, their plan fails, and Rip sacrifices himself in order to give the team time to escape. During the final showdown with Mallus, the Legends combine the powers of the Totems and create a being of pure energy to defeat the demon, and he goes by the name of Beebo. After a body slam of love, Mallus is defeated and the Legends celebrate their victory.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Their Aruba vacation is cut short when John Constantine arrives on the beach with the head of a dragon. He tells the Legends that their meddling resulted in other mythical creatures being released from their prisons and now they’re threatening the world. Season 4 will find the Legends tracking down these mythical creates, called “Fugitives” and trying not to fully mess up time once more.

Going into the new season, the Legends are undergoing a crew change. Constantine will become a permanent member of the Waverider. We can expect to see more of the head of the Time Bureau, who happens to be Sara’s girlfriend, Ava Sharpe. Nora Darhk will also make a return, though it is unknown if she will join the Legends. She was taken away by the Bureau at the end of the finale, but Ray passed her a time travel stone so that she can make her escape and start her life over. Perhaps the biggest change will be with actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers. In the finale, Amaya made the decision to go back to Zambezi. It’s where she belongs. Richardson-Sellers, however, isn’t done with Legends. She will return as a Fugitive named Charlie.

Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Legends of Tomorrow returns Monday, October 22, on The CW with the episode titled ‘The Virgin Gary.’

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