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Halloween Costume Jackets for Your Green Arrow, Negan, Star Lord Costumes and More!

CR: Fjackets

It’s almost time for one of the best day of the year! Are you in need to find a subtle way to get dressed up without overdoing it? Are you finishing up your full costume? Check out these quality jackets to bring your costume idea to life.

1.Green Arrow Jacket

CR: Fjackets

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic to the first seasons of Arrow, then this jacket is just what you need. This Green Arrow jacket will keep you warm and safe trick-or-treating. No one will go up against Oliver Queen! Fan Jackets sells this jacket for $139, and you can find it on Amazon in sizes XS – XXXL. You will not fail this Halloween!

2. Negan Jacket

CR: Fjackets

Grab a red scarf, white shirt and wrap a baseball bat in wires, then you can go as Negan and entirely pull it off! Half of everyone’s candy will belong to Negan now. Fan Jackets is selling this awesome jacket on Amazon (that honestly you could wear as a regular jacket) for $119 and comes in sizes from XS – XXXL.

3. Wade Wilson Jacket/Vanessa Jacket

CR: Fjackets

Whether you’d be dressing up as Wade Wilson or your girlfriend as Vanessa in the last scenes of the first Deadpool film, this is the right jacket for you. It’s cozy and warm, just what you need for a night out trick or treating. Fan Jackets sells this on Amazon for $139 and comes in sizes XS – XXXL.

4. Star-Lord Jacket

CR: Fjackets

Time to get your Walkman out from under the dust and dance your way through the streets! This Star-Lord jacket is sold for $129 and comes in sizes XS – XXXL on the Amazon.

5. Arsenal Jacket 

CR: Fjackets

Have a friend who’s going as the Green Arrow? Then it might be a good idea to team up and go as Arsenal! This fantastic red leather jacket costs you $129 and comes in sizes XS – XXXL on the Amazon.

6. Bane Jacket

CR: Fjackets

Are you more the dark, brooding type that doesn’t like to show too much of his/her face? Then Bane from The Dark Knight Rises might be THE Halloween costume for you. This jacket sells at a price of $149 and comes in sizes XS – XXXL on the Amazon.

Now that you have some ideas, are you ready for Halloween?! Let us know in the comments below.

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