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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Financial Secret And Fish Sauce”


It’s tax weekend, Howdy Doo W2!

Sheldon can’t find check #129 and George tells him that he gave some money to Meemaw and to not tell his mother. Sheldon is not good with secrets. Sheldon avoids interacting with his mother as much as possible. He even tries to book a hotel room to get out of the house.


Sheldon asks Tam if they can have a sleepover. George drives him to Tam’s and offers some sleepover pranking advice in which Sheldon ignores. At Tam’s, Sheldon learns a lot about Vietnamese culture. Some things he enjoys, others, like that fish sauce, he does not. Sheldon confesses his “sin” to Tam and he feels better. They have a great time at the rest of the sleepover.

George tells Meemaw that they should come clean about the money. In true Meemaw fashion, she wants him to squirm a little. Sheldon decides that George was irresponsible of him to burden Sheldon with this secret and therefore refuses to speak to his father. This causes George to come clean to Mary. He throws Meemaw under the bus. She throws Georgie under the bus.


What did George do at that picnic? Meemaw eventually tells Mary about what happened at the picnic. He got drunk and peed on the Church’s vegetable garden.


It’s Tam Thursday! BBT had a Tam filled episode and so was tonight’s episode. This episode was cute. I loved getting to see into Tam’s life and getting to see his culture. Sheldon’s reactions to some of the customs was priceless. Sheldon took a big step in having his first sleepover, unfortunately, it was under some less than favorable circumstances. I love seeing Meemaw and George interact with each other. They are so funny!