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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Crisis Of Faith And Octopus Aliens”


Sheldon is a handful, everyone knows that, and Jesus is no exception. At Church, Sheldon questions God and his teachings using octopus aliens as an example. Jesus would appear to the octopus aliens as one of them and save their souls. #PraiseJesus

At home, they get word that a young girl, barely 16, has died in a car accident. Life is precious.


Georgie asks when he can get his learner’s permit. Read the room, dude. Now is not an appropriate time to ask to learn to drive.

Mary is especially hurt by the news. Being a mother, it’s her worst fear, losing a child. She throws herself into her faith. She starts a prayer group, a faith garden and prays at least twice as often as she did before.

She breaks down when praying for the Hansen family and cries. She takes Meemaw out for drinks. Adult drinks. While out and drunk, Mary said she might not go to Church on Sunday.


Mary is hungover and George is left to get the kids ready for Church. The kids think nothing of it until she doesn’t say grace before dinner. She explains to Sheldon that she is struggling with her faith. Sheldon tries to help his mother see that her faith is important.

Next Sunday they are all back at Church and Sheldon is back to questioning scripture.


Why does Sunday have to come after Saturday night? I’ve been asking myself this ever since I turned 21. Anyway, I liked this episode because it wasn’t like the rest. It was funny but also dug deep into what it means to have faith. I’m not a mother, but I do know what it is like to have my faith shaken. Next week promises a more light-hearted episode and while I appreciated this episode, I can’t wait for next week.