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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Rival Prodigy And Sir Isaac Neutron”


Sheldon may have met his match. Paige, a genius who is slightly younger than Sheldon, is also auditing Dr. Sturgis’ class. She’s immediately more irritating than Sheldon and worse, she’s in his spot!


Is Sheldon jealous?

Mary invites Paige and her parents over. She wants to comparing parenting notes. Sheldon is less than thrilled at the news. He doesn’t need a new friend. Mary tells him that she was hoping to make friends with Paige’s mother since she doesn’t have many friends.

Sheldon tries to adopt the Vulcan Kolinahr but since he’s not a Vulcan, he just pushes his feelings away. He takes Paige on a scheduled tour of his room while the parents chat. It turns out that Sheldon is a lot quirkier than Paige and this meeting isn’t as productive as everyone thought. George and Mary are loving the fact that this other family is “just as messed up” as they are.


I liked this episode but in all honesty, Georgie, Erica and Missy were the most interesting characters in this episode. I always love the parents, but the other kids stood out more so. They are kids being kids and I’m always left wanting more of them in each episode. I didn’t care to much for Paige but I do hope to see both her and Erica again. I wonder what adult Paige is up to.