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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Conjugal Configuration”


This fall is truly bittersweet. I am excited that new episodes of The Big Bang Theory are back, but it saddens me that these are the last.

ShAmy is happily married and begins their honeymoon in one of Sheldon’s favorite spots, Legoland. They then head over to New York to see Harry Potter on Broadway and partake in some socially acceptable coitus. Amy is not feeling the love, as Sheldon is keeping her to a schedule. She wants a little spontaneity. In true Sheldon fashion, he rejects her proposal because he does not like the idea that sex can happen whenever. He gets so frustrating that Amy leaves him on a tour. He brings hotdogs to apologize and admits that if he doesn’t schedule their intimacy, he might not think about them. Amy forgives him and they compromise. Funny enough, the compromise leads to some spontaneity.


Raj was telling the group that he will be on the news to talk about the meteor shower when they hear someone in Sheldon and Amy’s apartment. It’s Amy’s dad. He’s caught in a lie saying that he was watering the plants, and he leaves. Amy’s mother comes by looking for him. She finds him hiding in the shower.

Penny and Leonard leave Amy’s parents to talk. Leonard implies that their relationship is not that different from Amy’s parents. Naturally, Penny is offended, no woman wants to be known as a ballbuster. Amy’s mother reveals that her husband needs a break from her. To pass the time, Amy’s mother hangs out with Penny and Leonard, which soon drives Penny to force Amy’s father to leave.


The weather woman is super attractive and Raj completely blows his interview. He then embarks on a Twitter feud with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Howard and Bernadette try to get him to stop, but Raj is loving the attention. NDT calls Raj and sets him straight. It turns out that in his spare time, NDT enjoys giving out “degrasse-kickings.” He even calls Bill Nye the science guy!


This premiere picked up right where we left of in season 11 and touched on every storyline. This premiere promises a hilarious and awesome season ahead. I loved every second of this episode and the epic cameos were the icing on the cake.