‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ As Told By Emojis

CR: Disney - As Told By Emoji

It’s less than seven weeks until Halloween and boy, am I getting ready to let my inner Halloween spirit shine. It’s no secret I love Halloween, and it’s no secret that I love every movie that Tim Burton directs/writers or produces. One of those movies I dearly love is The Nightmare Before Christmas. A classic Disney movie loved by many, even though Tim Burton didn’t direct it, or produce it, he wrote the plot, and he created one of the most loved characters in the world.

The internet and As Told By Disney brought us the ultimate video that takes you through the movie, with Emojis.

The video even includes the popular songs like ‘What’s This?‘ and ‘Making Chrismas.’ It also includes the three mischievous kids that have to kidnap Sandy Claws and bring him to the Pumpkin King. When they have to bring him back to the little town where Sandy Claws lives, of course, they dump him with the Oogie Boogie Man. Also, isn’t Zero the cutest thing ever?!

Even the fight between Jack Skellington, when he finally sees himself as the Pumpkin King again, and Oogie Boogie is so entertaining to see. The whole story is made on iPhones, which makes it extra special for this video as it brings the 1993 movie back in a new, and fresh cover. It ends just like the movie between Sally and Jack having a lovely moment in front of the moon.

What did you think of this adorable Emoji video of The Nightmare Before Christmas? Lets us know in the comments below.