‘The Walking Dead’ Season Nine Teaser Highlights “Richonne”


AMC has dropped a brand new mini teaser for the ninth season of The Walking Dead, and it’s a great indicator for what’s to come.

The trailer shows the main theme which is “A new beginning”, which Rick Grimes states near the end of it.

You’ll be relieved to know that the new beginning still includes a good dose of Rick and Michonne (Richonne.)

We see them having an intimate moment in their room, as Michonne jokes “The famous Rick Grimes.” Now Rick has ended the war, and apparently everyone is now seeing them as some sort of apocalyptic hero. We’ve seen it all along, so this is a welcome development.

In the clip, Rick seems bashful and doesn’t want to be getting any unnecessary attention. So humble.

The clip will be expanded for fans when the show premieres in just a few weeks for what seems like much more Richonne action!

Andrew Lincoln announced his departure from the series in July, so we hope that Rick’s exit does not leave Michonne (Danai Gurira) alone and sad. We can only wait and see what AMC has up its sleeve!

The Walking Dead premieres on October 7th on AMC.

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