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The Best Tweets From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

AMC/Gene Page; Twitter

Seeing that we are just under a month away from the season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead we thought that it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our “Best Tweet” roundups from season 8 and pick our favorites. Spoiler Alert: It was. While it was a tough season full of tragedy and politics, it certainly did have some great moments that were only made more hilarious by the witty Walking Dead Twitter users. So, enjoy the tweets below and hopefully, they get you even more excited for season 9!

*we somehow missed the season premiere so we’re kicking things off with episode 2!*

“The Damned”

Key Takeaway(s): Morales returns.


Key Takeaway(s): Daryl kills Morales. Baby Gracie. Kingdom Army wiped out.

“Some Guy”

Key Takeaway(s): Shiva dies.

“The Big Scary U”

Key Takeaway(s): Gabriel and Negan chat. Rick and Daryl fight.

“The King, The Widow, and Rick”

Key Takeaway(s): Bazooka. Carl meets Siddiq. Jadis captures Rick.

“Time For After” 

Key Takeaway(s): Everyone goes off plan. Jadis tries to sculpt Rick.

“How It’s Gotta Be”

Key Takeaway(s): Carl saves Alexandria and reveals he’s been bitten.


Key Takeaway(s): Carl dies.

“The Lost and the Plunderers”

Key Takeaway(s): Simon kills all of the Junkyard people.

“Dead or Alive or”

Key Takeaway(s): Father Gabriel goes blind. Dr. Carson dies. Dwight and Tara’s drama escalates. Swamp.

“The Key”

Key Takeaway(s): Rick and Negan fight.

“Do Not Send Us Astray”

Key Takeaway(s): Saviors attack the Hilltop. Walkers terrorize the sleeping survivors.

“Still Gotta Mean Something”

Key Takeaway(s): Jadis has Negan captured. Rick has murder jacket on.


Key Takeaway(s): Simon dies.


Key Takeaway(s): Eugene saves the day. Rick saves Negan.

The Walking Dead returns on October 7th on AMC and make sure to head back to Fan Fest after each episode for our Favorite Tweet Roundups!

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