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‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Two More Comic Characters


The Walking Dead has two more characters leaping off the pages of Robert Kirkman’s comics and making their way onto the small screen. Alongside Alpha, Beta, Magna, and Yumiko, fans of the show will meet to Tammy Rose (Brett Butler), and Earl Sutton (John Finn) this upcoming ninth season as reported previously. While no certainty as to how the characters will enter this upcoming season, if the show maintains their place of resident in the comics, Tammy and Earl will be Hilltop residents. They will be important members of the community as their story lines unfold.


What we know so far is that Tammy Rose is a firecracker who is fiercely protective of her family. In the comics fans are introduced to Tammy because of Carl protecting Sophia from her son Brandon. With two of those characters gone from the television series, the debate begins on how the rift between Tammy and Maggie will occur in the first place. Will this involve her son and Enid? Maybe the story line that meant for Sophia will lend itself to Enid’s character this particular season, which could also introduce Tammy’s son Brandon will be the who lands in Hilltop’s jail as opposed to Carl. Having an angry mother go against a new mother could start the divide that makes Tammy downgrade Maggie’s leadership abilities.

Regardless of how we meet Tammy the character is in good hands with Brett Butler. Fans might remember Butler’s sitcom in the early nineties, Grace Under Fire, which lasted for five seasons on ABC. Butler has also appeared in numerous television spots and in FX’s hit Anger Management.


Earl is a trickier role to tackle this upcoming season as it appears he might be serving as not only, but two characters in The Walking Dead universe. After all, Tammy Rose’s is Morton in the comics and according to numerous casting sites Tammy and Earl will be husband and wife on the show. What does this mean for our faithful blacksmith? A potential turn further down the line against the one person that Earl holds so dear in the comics, Maggie. The potential blending, which we assume will occur, could serve as a huge turning point in the series when one takes Earl’s relationship with Maggie into account as well.

John Finn, known to most as John Stillman from television’s Cold Case, is up to the challenge. While most revered his performance of Stillman, some fans remember him as Pacey Witter’s father on the hit television series Dawson’s Creek.

Are you excited to see Butler and Finn take on the roles of Tammy and Earl? Who would you have cast? Share your thoughts about this casting news below.