Netflix Marvel Series: Best Seasons Ranked from Best to Worst

As soon as Netflix started collaborating with Marvel on various television series, our perception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was forever changed. Still, that doesn’t always imply positive progress. While some shows are incredibly mesmerizing and basically kept us glued to our seats, others are much more poorly executed fan.

Marvel Series Ranked

Netflix series deal with a wide variety of topics, ranging from teen drama to depressive animations and horror dystopias. The streaming giant’s offer being so large, viewers need a guide to sort which show or movie they should watch first, however, Marvel-inspired ones are our favorites.

In this article, we will briefly review the best seasons, ranking them from the highest-quality one to the poorest.


1. Daredevil S01


Matt Murdock loves his city with a passion comparable to that of DC’s Batman or Green Arrow, and this is perfectly illustrated by the TV series. This dark and twisted take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe is faithful to the source material and depicts amazing fight scenes that make it a great origin story, as well as an action-packed addictive watch.

Set in the aftermath of the Loki’s Thanos-driven attack on New York, the show’s first season was almost unanimously praised by critics and audiences alike, holding a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9/10 score granted by IGN. It is the best season of the show as of right now, although the second one is good too. We’ll get into that in the 4th entry.

2. Luke Cage S02

It is rare for a second season of a television series to be better than its first, but this is true for Marvel’s Luke Cage. In spite of its few flaws, the entire installment is worth a high rating thanks to its exquisite villain, Mariah Dillard. Just like Wilson Fisk made season 1 of Daredevil all the more fantastic, the same can be said about Black Mariah, as she is known in the MCU.

Black Mariah is a merciless and fierce opponent to both Luke Cage and Jamaican gangster Bushmaster in the vicious battle over Harlem. This double threat makes her as vulnerable as she is dangerous, and she lets her rage run wild. If you love a gripping villain story in your Marvel series, then this second season will certainly be quite an exciting watch for you.

3. Jessica Jones S01


As far as ratings go, the opinion on the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix TV series seems to be unanimous. Rotten Tomatoes rated it at a 93% approval status, while IGN grading places the show at a 9.3/10. Due to the titular character’s occupation as a private investigator, the entire show has a pervading and enjoyable noir feeling to it.

Her life of photographing cheating spouses and delving into the seedier corners of the MCU is interrupted superbly by Kilgrave, the series’ terrifying villain portrayed by the brilliant David Tennant. Krysten Ritter is also excellent in the main role of Jessica Jones, bringing an entirely different tonality to how Marvel superheroes are portrayed.


4. Daredevil S02

As previously mentioned, the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil is still one worthy of high ratings. However, with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin Wilson Fisk out of the picture, it doesn’t come close to the first one’s awesomeness. Still, Matt Murdock’s exploits against both the Irish mob and a brutal biker gang known as the Dogs of Hell kept us glued to our seats.

5. Luke Cage S01

The first season of the Netflix and Marvel collaboration dedicated to black and bulletproof superhero Luke Cage is, in a way, an exploration of the fragility of black life. From this point of view, it certainly is an interesting watch. Its main flaw is that it tries to be too many things at once, which results in doing none of them perfectly.


6. The Punisher S01


The first season’s of Marvel’s The Punisher Netflix show got off to a rocky start, but it managed to create an exquisitely noir world in its own rights, This offered a unique take on the comic book series, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Still, when you have a superhero whose superpower is violence, it can become problematic and hard to execute in today’s political climate.


7. The Defenders S01

The Defenders, namely Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, are caught in a battle against a secret malevolent organization known as The Hand. Although their individual interpretations don’t quite delve beyond the surface in crucial moments, as a collective, they are strong enough to face their foes in the traditional Marvel way.  


8. Iron Fist S01

Unfortunately for Iron Fist and its creators, the show misses the mark quite a lot. As IGN describes, there are several lame moments for every cool one, making this one of the worst Marvel to Netflix adaptations out there. Not only is our hero Danny Rand incredibly poorly drawn, but not even the show’s villains save its face, as they are awfully mundane and insipid.  


9. Jessica Jones S02

As we explained in the third section on this list, Marvel’s Jessica Jones started out strong. The show had it all: a strong and quirky, yet realistic female lead, a fascinating villain, and enough noir storytelling technique to keep it going. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case for the second season of the series, which is why we consider it to be the worst Marvel season yet.

In a nutshell, the second season of Jessica Jones had none of the things which made the first one so great. There isn’t a compelling villain in sight, and Jessica isn’t the cunning and sometimes deceitful detective she once was. In fact, the mysteries she solves are anything but complex, which is what makes the episodes so hard to watch.  

The Bottom Line

While shows such as Marvel’s Daredevil deliver a performance that is more or less consistently splendid, others miss the mark entirely. This is the case of Iron Fist, as well as the second season of Jessica Jones. Our list deals with the subtle nuances within the franchise’s quality standards that sometimes affect seasons of the same show.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of the MCU, or Marvel comics in general, every single television series is worth a watch. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly within it, but for devoted fans of superhero flicks, they offer important insight into this strange and beautiful fictional world.

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