‘Power Rangers’ are Headed for a Color Swap

BOOM! Studios

We have gone through numerous situations with The Power Rangers, and every incantation of the beloved multicolored team has been brought together by the Shattered Grid event. The Go Go Power Rangers book, which revolves around the original Mighty Morphin team is in the middle of the action, and the next challenge they’ll face is a colorful one. The Rangers will be swapping both colors and weapons, and maybe, Zords too.

It is expected that Jason will be trading his red T. Rex for a yellow Pterodactyl, and Trini will take the part of the Red Ranger. Kimberly will go with Blue, Zack will be Pink, and Billy will be taking Black.

The costumes will slightly change in order to reflect the Power Rangers’ gender. It is unclear what the reasons for the switch are, but the covers of Go Go issues #14 to 16 are showing that the switch will take place. Every character will be affected by this change on obvious levels.

There will be the most significant of consequences for Jason and Trini. From the beginning of Go Go, there have been signs of a budding romance between the two. Trini was clear about her interest in Jason and Jason reciprocated those feelings albeit with a little difficulty. On Go Go issue #15’s cover, the two re shown finally kissing, after training alone together for months. The uncertainty of whether or not they would finally be together may rest.

This will be the first time anyone else plays the role of the Red Ranger during the Mighty Morphin era. The role of the Red Ranger has always been a topic of debate through various eras of the Power Rangers franchise, and several other rangers thought that they could be better leaders than Jason is. It is interesting to see another one of the Mighty Morphin team take the lead on this one, even though Trini has never shown interest in doing so. Seeing her grow into a leader will be intriguing, but what’s even more intriguing is that Trini will be the first female Red Ranger, chronologically speaking.